Modern kitchens with an island that works with maximum efficiency


Today we invite you to discuss one of the most important components of modern cuisine, its heart and functional center – the island.

Thinking about the structure and form of this key element, proceed first of all from your own requirements and wishes. Perhaps you need more storage space, or you are looking for a way to demonstrate particularly interesting decor items, or the island – in your view – should provide a smooth visual transition between spaces.

We are ready to acquaint you with examples of the most effective design solutions designed to enhance the functionality of the island and make it work with maximum efficiency.

Open shelves occupy three of the four sides of the base, giving the owners of the kitchen the opportunity to store the necessary things within sight and easy reach. The same idea is subject to other design components: a suspended rack above the countertop of the island and another one in the background. Such a plan is quite simple in execution, but it should be recalled the importance of maintaining order in such an interior.

Even if you do not have an urgent need for additional storage space for utensils and kitchen utensils, the shelves will still not be superfluous. Books – culinary or some other, vintage jewelry and just stylish gizmos will be wonderful to look at them. The main thing is to make the composition look at ease.

An interesting solution is the use of multifunctional modules. Typically, they are a combination of any components that provide a storage function, and built-in appliances, household or electronic.

Effective design and proper use of space

A simple, concise partition, which seems to be one with the island, delicately disguises the working area and acts as a home art space. Pay attention to the incredibly elegant niche, the decor of which strengthens the interrelation of the element with the rest of the interior and forms a smooth transition between the kitchen and the living room.

This island carries a double meaning, because it is located in the kitchen and in the dining room. A masterfully designed end wall hides an inevitable disorder. It is this element that first of all attracts everyone's attention, who will be lucky enough to be in this house.

Again, the space is open planning. In this case, the continuation of the island was not a wall, but a high rack, the purpose of which seems rather aesthetic than practical. In fact, he sums up the logical basis for the arrangement of such an utilitarian element as a kitchen island in a minimalist interior completely detached from everyday life.

Hide the mess from prying eyes will help and the horizontal barrier. A low partition, stretching along the entire length of the countertop, does not violate the proportions of the interior and seems to be a logical continuation of the island. Rational use of space implies that every detail of it works as efficiently as possible, and all elements harmoniously complement each other.

Modern design project

This photo clearly shows the inner side of the island shown above, which clearly demonstrates that functionality and attractiveness are not mutually exclusive qualities.

Style and functionality in one image

Here we see a kitchen island of unusual shape, which is also supplemented by a built-in banquet. It, along with a classic dining set, forms a dining area. The original configuration in this example is not the main thing, although an ordinary banquetka would not look so exquisite.

In open-plan areas, zones of different purposes are usually located quite close to each other, which can create certain difficulties in the design development. Typically, a mini-dining room in such cases takes place between the living room and kitchen. As the following example shows, when the zones are at different heights, the visual separation becomes more obvious.

Simple solutions that give an amazing result

Many of us can absolutely justifiably complain about the limited living space, but even in spacious homes the problem of rational organization remains very relevant. One of the most effective solutions in this situation is the use of a kitchen island with integrated additions to its structure. Their appointment can be both functional and decorative, but in any case your benefit from having such a universal component will be obvious.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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