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What makes the kitchen interior with a bar so unforgettable? Its grandeur, scale? Exclusive materials? Attractive stools at the counter? Yes, yes and yes again! However, do not think that everything is determined by the size of the room. An attractive idea can be realized regardless of whether you live in a penthouse or a small apartment.

Today, in the center of attention will be presented 14 unforgettable samples of the kitchen interior with a bar counter. We'll see what makes them truly elegant and at the same time comfortable. We emphasize the special lines and shapes of each kitchen, which, with all the comfort and splendor, do not infringe on the space of the room.

For example, simple lighting can work wonders if you place it directly above the bar counter. And do not forget, of course, about the great choice of wonderful chairs!

Kitchens with wooden bar counter

We will start with a variant made of wood. It is quite popular, because such material creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the room. How would you complement the interior? There are many models.

Below is a special project called "House of zero energy". A simplified view of the bar is perfectly complemented by white high chairs. Here is a game of contrasts of dark and light tones.

The tree makes space warm

In the next photo we see another project, but this time it stands out thanks to the chairs in the industrial style. In fact, almost all the tables in the kitchens are supplemented with metal stools. But not only the combination of warm wood and cold metal can be quite interesting. This style creates a vintage effect, but in a modern way.

A trendy bar design with industrial-style chairs

The version below is original. Uneven furniture curves in the photo create a feeling of some kind of incompleteness. It is set off by a dark countertop. The light streaming from above brings a dramatic hue. Natural materials are combined with modern materials in the most unusual and diverse design solutions.

Zigzag bar made of natural wood

Do you still have a bar in the kitchen? You do not even plan to install it in the near future? Note the option offered by Restoration Hardware. Combine it in the interior with a wooden table and original lamps. This design will look very impressive.

The project of a short bar made of wood

No less interesting model in the photo below. The contrast of light and shade, demonstrated in the design of this kitchen, is simply magnificent! The glittering top, which is in a light blackout, perfectly fits with the white chairs. In addition to the fact that they look very cozy, the stools still have excellent stability and are equipped with a backrest. This tiny space looks great, there is no semblance of clutter.

Fashionable and beautiful

Harmony in metal

The metal is smooth. It is almost eternal. This is a modern industrial (urban) style. Do you like the option that seems like some wonderful and endless island with a waterfall? Two black chrome chairs complete the overall appearance and are connected by a single concept with the rest of the kitchen.

Metal fits perfectly into this space

The stainless steel finish perfectly combines with the bright blue furniture, which we see in the photo next. In fact, this "bar for one" proves that even the smallest kitchen can contain this function. A leather stool brings warmth and comfort.

Space for a bachelor

Bright and colorful interior

We will start with a fresh look at the "bistro-kitchen". It is complemented by a marble countertop, which gradually turns into a bar. The wooden sand stools placed here bring originality and comfort to the room. Admire the modern lamp, chosen by the designer.

White marble worktop combined with natural wood chairs

This fashionable furniture, lit by a dome-chandelier, looks very interesting in a complete set with chairs in the same industrial style. Note how, thanks to the wooden seats, the light in the room seems softer.

In the photo we can admire the kitchen, decorated in yellow with a bright sunny bar. White is just an ideal shade in this case, as it emphasizes a fresh look at the design and visually increases the space. And the dark wooden details contrast with the brighter elements. All this as a whole completes the composition and makes it more harmonious.

For the following interior, an orange color is selected. Not only does the bar sparkle and shine with this juicy nuance, the color flashes throughout the house. It is present on the walls, as well as in the decoration of the living room sofa. The black and chrome bar chairs are the perfect accompaniment, as is the golden dome of the chandelier, lighting and warming the whole room with its warmth.

Freshness of orange color

We finish our description with an amazing interior design, where the snow-white accents are balanced by a shade of chocolate. Note also the charming gray color of the wall, which came here just perfectly. There is room only for two bar stools and a small tabletop, but even this makes the kitchen a place where you can calmly and comfortably settle while preparing dinner. It is worth noting the lack of confusion in the interior.

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