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The importance of the kitchen within the framework of our home, its functionality and practicality was mentioned quite a lot. For as long as humanity has not been counted, this room will never lose its relevance and relevance ever. Perhaps that's why designers around the world pay great attention to developments in this area of ​​housing space organization. Trends in the design of kitchen facilities in recent years are reduced to maximum practicality, simplification of appearance and the desire to use natural, non-toxic materials.

Simplicity and laconicism prevailed over excessive decorating and excessive decor. In the modern kitchen, you will not see stylizations under antique columns, mosaic paintings laid out on the kitchen apron or stained glass in cupboards and cupboards.

Often the layout of modern apartments and private houses, involves the connection of the kitchen area with the dining room and living room. Sometimes the whole apartment is one large studio room, where only the bathroom remains isolated. In such cases, the use of modern high-tech kitchen appliances is inevitable – the hood, for example, must be very powerful. And often this functional object becomes also art-obekom, acting as the coordination center of the kitchen.

Urbanism design of such kitchen spaces is bordered by a futuristic minimalism. But such rooms are completely boring, they are full of modern color, despite the primary functionality and ergonomics, the interiors look attractive, even the total use of modern materials for surface finishing and furniture production do not stop alienated.

When adding even a small amount of natural materials – wood, stone, possibly bamboo or natural textiles – into the room, the mood of the kitchen changes instantly, laying an invisible thread that connects us with the environment.

Eco-style in a modern kitchen environment

Recently, a lot of modern finishing materials and types of raw materials, from which you can produce furniture and all kinds of accessories for the kitchen. Such materials perfectly imitate natural originals, they are presented in a wide range of color palette, can be executed in any sizes, textures and forms. But, often, the environmental characteristics of such raw materials leave much to be desired and pose a threat not only to people, but also to the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, the views of all designers of the world are now turned towards recycling technologies, the use of renewable sources of raw materials and the use of resins that do not contain oil components.

A small piece of a wooden surface or part of a wall lined with a stone can turn the kitchen interior, adding to it a bit of natural warmth, primacy and charm.

Even if the kitchen furniture is impossibly simple and geometric, but made of natural wood – the nature of the room with such furniture will be quite different, comfortable, inviting, relaxing.

The wooden cladding of surfaces serves as an excellent background for modern decor items, urban lamps and lamps.

Despite the abundance of shiny surfaces, it is possible to create a quite warm, family atmosphere in a modern kitchen, by adding natural wood shades to the light finish. A small contrast will be present not only in the color layout, but also in the quality of the materials.

At present, it has become a trend to use so-called polymer cardboard as a material for countertops for kitchen islands and working surfaces. This is a material that is made from recycled paper under high pressure, using non-toxic oil-free products. Of course, such materials are limited in the color palette, but their spectrum is expanding every day. This raw material is moisture resistant, but it has limitations on heat resistance. But, when using such materials, your conscience will be clear, and the kitchen surfaces will look great. It is important only to remember to use the stand for hot items.

The contrasting choice of colors allows creating an interesting interior even with the simplest forms and lines. Thanks to the ergonomic arrangement of all working segments of the working area, the kitchen turns into an incredibly convenient culinary base station.

Even in a small room, you can use wood shades in furnishings, diluting them with light tones finishing all other surfaces.

Natural wood, which contrasts with the bright glossy surfaces of the built-in kitchen furniture, came at an opportune time and diluted the shine of the furnishings with its dullness and special texture.

Spacious modern premises with an industrial past also harmoniously accept natural materials in their surroundings. Several wooden countertops or a frame of furniture – and the room is filled with warmth and individuality. Bright elements of textiles and upholstery of the chairs give the room a festive mood.

This kitchen-dining room, located under the arches of high ceilings – is an example of a practical and elegant way of using all available space. Roomy storage systems of closed kitchen cabinets conceal what is not necessary to see the guests of the room, and open shelves under the ceiling offer to display objects that the owners are proud of and would like to share their beauty with others.

Modern kitchen interior within small spaces

Often the kitchen, especially in urban apartments, is a very small room, which, meanwhile, needs to be equipped with the utmost importance of incorporating the functional and practical part, without forgetting the aesthetics and attractive appearance.

All designers of the world, choosing the way to organize a small kitchen room, resort to a light color palette. Often, this is the only way to expand the space, move the walls and raise the ceiling.

The only warning in this case is the advice to resort to several bright spots of warm tones to avoid total sterility and even coldness of the snow-white situation.

The use of mirror surfaces, combined with light tones, can also serve as a visual increase in area.

This kitchen area located near the staircase only seems spacious, thanks to the straightforward design of the working areas and kitchen island, light colors, and mirrored surfaces. Rational use of space, allowed to create a whole ensemble of storage systems.

Sometimes the bright colors that dilute the white finish of a small room is the surface of the kitchen furniture. The saturated color of the lockers and the presence of natural greenery, refresh and invigorate the overall atmosphere of the small kitchen. And the possibility of installing additional windows on the sloping ceiling, allows even more natural light into the space.

In this small kitchen area, in contrast to the snow-white storage system, there is an absolutely black wall on which you can write down recipes or write lists of cases. For the company to the dark vertical surface are elements of household appliances and a black sink.

This dark chocolate kitchen looks quite comfortable and comfortable, despite its modest size, thanks to the rational arrangement of all working surfaces and a successful way of integrating household appliances. A light ceiling and walls serve as a visual extension of a small space.

Modern kitchen-dining room design with panoramic sliding doors

The opportunity to open large glass doors in the kitchen, combined with the dining room, and possibly the living room, can boast only the premises of private houses. Not only suburban, but also many urban households nowadays are equipped with the possibility to have a meal practically in the open air.

When there is such a beautiful view outside the windows, the furnishings of the premises themselves take a back seat, it should not distract from nature, but be solidary with it. And of course, such a kitchen should be rationally and practically equipped.

The abundance of natural light penetrating through large sliding windows-doors, suggests the possibility of using darker shades in the arrangement of modern kitchen space. For the dark time of the day in this luxurious kitchen there are chic classic chandeliers with an abundance of transparent elements.

This bright kitchen-dining room with a view of the outdoor pool is an excellent example of how a single room can combine modern and natural materials, open and closed storage systems, designer decor items and simplicity of handmade elements.

Within the city dwelling, it is also possible to organize a kitchen-dining room with access to an open terrace or wooden deck. Thus, and the room becomes larger, and you can eat outside.

Sometimes, for kitchen equipment with transparent door-windows, use a second garage, refitting it to a utility area, adding all the necessary engineering systems and communications. In this case, light shades of furnish and furnishing are the most preferable.

Despite the fact that the windows in this kitchen are not floor to ceiling, and do not assume an exit on the street, but are thus an important part of the interior of the room. Panoramic view, opening onto the green street, is part of the interior, filled with freshness and cleanliness of light interior shades.

Urban Art Nouveau in the interior of modern kitchen

Often the design of modern rooms, filled with a variety of technological home appliances, is difficult to attribute to any one style flow. The return to the application of elements of the Art Nouveau style in the framework of modern industrial and urban interiors is now experiencing a revival.

An easy touch of modern-style is observed in modern design projects of the most functional room in the house more often.

Bright and even airy palettes of such kitchens are set for pacification and cleanliness, but do not let our eyes fall asleep, thanks to bright elements and decorative techniques.

The clear and concise appearance of the incredibly geometric kitchen-dining room is diluted by bright spots of bar stools, which have become cultic objects of furniture and a real art object.

Full contrasts of the room, filled with designer furniture, which became popular in the middle of the last century, loved by many generations and has not lost its fame to this day. Furniture from the family of designers Eames never goes out of fashion.

Urban Art Nouveau can be bright and shiny, filled with decorative elements of a non-trivial form and colors .

Or it can be filled with cleanliness of white color, conciseness of rectilinear execution of furniture and the organization of working surfaces .

It is possible to incorporate retro elements into the modern design of a small kitchen area, filling it with bright and rich colors that give a tone to the whole space.

Even the connection of the kitchen area with the living room or the reading corner looks quite a harmonious solution, thanks to modern technologies and modern kitchen appliances, this neighborhood will not cause any inconvenience to any of the household members.

We hope that our selection of the latest developments in the field of kitchen design will inspire you to arrange your own kitchen space and help create a practical and aesthetically attractive interior that will combine modern household appliances and decoration materials with creative solutions of your personal design.

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