Modern kitchen in an old house – photo of the original interior


Modern kitchen in the house is an absolute necessity. Life in the ancient patrimonial nest. can be both a blessing and a curse. The inherent non-transferable charm is often offset by the total lack of modern conveniences. The new owners of the summer cottage in the coastal area of ​​Maine, dreamed that their kitchen, designed as early as 1915, absorbed the best qualities of both eras.

The designers have developed an original plan that involves the use of traditional materials and the creation of an open space in the confluence with the adjoining living room and dining room. The central island forms a classic kitchen triangle, and an old cast oven is installed in the middle of the room in a sign of respect for a genuine historical interior.

As a result, customers wanted to get an updated version of the former grandeur of this kitchen, but former homeowners managed to sell the original slab. Later, a restored antique oven was bought, and the designers restored the wall for the chimney, using a local plastic pressing bricks.

The furnace is equipped with a modern gas burner. Together with a well-thought-out insulation system, it retains the warmth and purity of the house throughout the winter, which in these parts is very long and harsh.

The need to work within the framework of the outdated structure of the house caused certain difficulties. The most difficult thing was to move the external wooden wall more than 1 meter outwards to expand the space of the kitchen. I had to reconcile myself with the awkward look of the constructive pillar.

When choosing the building materials were guided to ensure the harmony of antiquity and modernity. Furniture facades made of pine wood and granite countertops now look more fresh and perfectly combined with stainless steel kitchen equipment.

If the kitchen has a compact size and several windows, you will sooner or later want to equip the pantry. This is a very reasonable solution, allowing to solve the problem of storage in a limited space. Since the open layout limits the possibility of placing hanging cabinets, designers designed a fair amount of storage for additional utensils and dry products.

The natural decoration of spruce wall panels creates a village house rather than a country cottage. The ceiling, lined with enameled nickel siding, and polished countertops pay tribute to the original style of the kitchen.

Now the entrance is located so that the kitchen and dining room smoothly flow into each other and then connect to the rest of the house. Employees of Whitten Architects admit that the difficult process of blending old and modern times was unexpectedly fascinating. As a result, a completely traditional space has come to meet the latest requirements of kitchen design.

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