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The interior of the apartment can be completely different. It depends on the number of rooms, the availability of a balcony, the type of bathroom (combined or separate) and other factors. However, absolutely all apartments have one thing in common – a kitchen, and it should be given special attention.

The kitchen is the place around which all life in the apartment revolves, because here they not only prepare food or store food, but also eat food. Moreover, it is the kitchen that becomes a gathering place, the communication of family and friends at one big table. It is for this reason that the kitchen should combine such qualities as practicality, comfort and, of course, modern style.

In 2018 the most interesting will be functional kitchens with style diversity. The main advantage will be originality and ergonomics, capable of reflecting the identity of the household.

Fashion trends

The main slogan of 2018 of the year is a combination of eco-friendly, natural elements of restrained style. The kitchen is especially interesting, if it is spacious, preference is better to give conciseness. Massive furniture and a lot of decor is inappropriate here.

Finishing materials, relevant in 2018 year: ceramics, natural stone and wood, glass and metal. The only thing you do not need to save on is home appliances: you can use an oven, integrated surfaces, a refrigerator, a microwave oven and other elements that are relevant now and meet modern technical requirements.

Also should pay attention to lighting – it should be as much as possible, at its expense you can zonirovat kitchen, playing with flowers. The main thing is that the lamps fit the style of the kitchen as a whole.


The main condition – the kitchen should not be overloaded with furniture. To equip a couple of cabinets, a working surface and a dining table with chairs. On this a number of necessary furniture accessories is best and finish, most importantly, that the present furniture was functional.

All furniture should be made only from natural materials, plastic is recognized only if the kitchen is made in the style of hi-tech. For small kitchens it is possible to use modular furniture, tables-transformers. In 2018, especially fashionable will be glass facades and open shelves.

Color Solutions

Since 2018 year is obsessed with naturalness, then colors will be relevant in the same direction. Especially attractive are woody tones: oak, ash, alder and walnut. Milky, chocolate or olive colors are also excellent. Gray – always relevant and always in vogue. No less attractive for designers is a black and white kitchen.

If preferences fall on bright colors, then you should pay attention to red, yellow and blue, which can refresh the interior of the kitchen and make it more rosy. However, it should be remembered that a bright color should not prevail over the others, otherwise it will quickly start to fatigue the household.

When choosing a suitable palette, you need to consider not only your taste and design of the kitchen, but also the peculiarity of the room itself. Light colors can help visually increase the volume of the kitchen, it is better to use warm shades for comfort, but cold ones will give rigor.

The main styles of decorating the kitchen in 2018

Here, in the first place, you must rely on fashion and your personal taste, in addition, it is important to consider the dimensions of the kitchen and the overall style of the apartment.

The most popular styles in 2018 will be: modern, oriental and high-tech.

Hi-tech – a minimum of furniture, maximum equipment. There is almost no decoration, modern materials are used for decoration, and the kitchen itself is filled with modern technology.

Eastern style is the opposite of high-tech. He loves a combination of textiles and decor, but this should be in moderation and carefully thought out.

Modern – a combination of simplicity and originality. Here you should give your preference to asymmetrical forms, smooth lines, various decorative elements and bold color solutions.

People who prefer coziness tend to prefer Provence. It is best to use antique and antique furniture, ceramic tiles, linen curtains, plaster and brickwork. Ideally, if the dishes in such a kitchen will be clay.

If the kitchen is big and the owner loves luxury, then it will be a classic style. It uses expensive wooden furniture with hand carving or forging, soft dining chairs. Also great here will fit a huge chandelier, vases, paintings and other elements that emphasize the luxury and material well-being of the owners.

Fashionable small kitchen

Almost every mistress dreams of a large kitchen, a huge dining area and free space, but the reality is often worse, and you have to put up with modest in size kitchens. However, even such a small kitchen can be designed in an original way, creating from it a fashionable shelter for household members during meals.

First of all, you need to choose a suitable style, it is better to pay attention to the options of minimalism. Secondly, you need to do a visual expansion of the kitchen due to lighting, light colors, mirrors.

Furniture in such a kitchen should be as ergonomic and thoughtful as possible, it is best to put a small corner cabinet here, you can also use folding furniture (convertible table, quickly laid out chairs).

Choosing a technique, you need to give preference to the most functional things, because one combine is much easier to place than a turkey, blender, mixer and other attributes that are easily replaced by one.


Owners of small housing can try to abandon the traditional cuisine, which is a separate room, and make an apartment-studio, which is especially welcomed in 2018 year. You can significantly increase the space of the kitchen, erasing the clear boundaries between the functional areas.

For visual separation it is possible to use combined and multilevel ceilings, small ascents and catwalks or color differences between zones.

For lighting it is best to use spotlights, since the working and dining areas should have individual lighting.

In general, it is worth noting that creating a cozy and fashionable cuisine in 2018 is not so difficult, it is enough to choose the best style and create a kitchen in accordance with it.

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