Modern kitchen design with a bar counter


The main advantage of the design of the kitchen, equipped with a bar counter, is an excellent opportunity to divide the room into functional areas. In the aesthetic sense, such cuisine also only wins – it has an attractive romantic atmosphere, and the design looks the most original and stylish.

How to choose a bar counter?

First, the racks can be made of various materials: wood, chipboard, laminate, metal, stone, glass. Although, for the facing is most often used corian. In shape bar bars can also be different: rectangular, polyhedral or streamlined. And their design is one- or multi-level. When choosing a rack, it should be based on the fact that it necessarily harmonized with the rest of the kitchen furniture, did not create clutter of space and organically fit into the overall interior of the room. In this regard, it is recommended to select a model that is devoid of unnecessary bends and angles, because more attention should be paid to vertical space. Of course, all sorts of lockers and shelves with accessories give the bar a certain functionality, but it should not be overloaded with them. The classic option is a rack with hanging shelves for dishes and glasses, which has chrome-plated supports.

It is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the space when choosing a kitchen counter. for a small kitchen, for example, it is completely unacceptable to have too long a structure that will rest against the ceiling. At least it will look ridiculous.

Color plays no less important role. For example, for a classic version, a bright monochrome model that can become a color accent of the interior is ideal. Light shades are good because they will never make space heavier. And for a room with low ceilings, the glass stand model is perfect, as a support with a chrome-plated pipe.

Corner kitchen with breakfast bar

If the kitchen is angular and has a L-shaped shape, then with the help of a bar rack it can be turned into a more comfortable and cozy room with a U-shape. Thus, an attractive cozy space is formed, which is surrounded on three sides by a working surface. And if the kitchen area is not too large, in this case it will be advantageous to purchase a mini-rack, preferably without upper cabinets, having a chrome leg. This design will harmoniously continue the corner kitchen set and perfectly replace the cumbersome dining table, becoming a practical solution.

If the kitchen is U-shaped

The main difference between the U-shaped kitchen is that all furniture and appliances are placed along the walls, or rather, three walls. This allows you to move around freely in the room, if you correctly place all the elements of the interior. In this case, the ideal solution will serve as a wall bar, representing a design with an elongated table top, fixed on the wall or flush with it. This model of the rack does not overload the space, leaving a lot of free space. Stand in the U-shaped kitchen is a harmonious continuation of the working surface.

If you buy high bar stools, then this design is slightly raised. And if you choose chairs with the usual dimensions, then the rack should be lowered slightly relative to the countertop.

Kitchen design – islands with a bar counter

If the room is spacious enough, especially if it is an apartment-studio, then a good option will be to take the bar straight to the center of the kitchen, which will create a kind of island. Often, the sink and the hob are sent here, which are concealed due to the design of the rack. Those. cooking can be done right in front of the guests watching the process.

The island rack can be either open or closed. Closed is equipped with a number of shelves and a locker and is more functional, however, it looks rather bulky unlike the open design, not overloading the kitchen and easier to view.

In the classical version, the rack-island has two levels, where the lower one is used as a working area and is at the height of the floor cabinets, and the upper one is located at a distance of 110-120 cm relative to the floor, actually representing the bar itself. Worktops can have a variety of shapes, down to the most unimaginable zigzag or semi-oval.

Design of a parallel kitchen with a bar counter

In this case, it is assumed that furniture and kitchen appliances are located at opposite two walls. This significantly saves space, especially if the room is narrow. However, it should be remembered that the free space between the walls should be at least one and a half meters. Thus, the kitchen is obtained in two rows: on the one hand the bar stand, and on the other – the working surface. For this option, a closed model is ideal, equipped with a multitude of racks, shelves and lockers. Since the design in this case is an integral part of the functional and stylistic plan, it must be done in the same color scheme with the rest of the kitchen furniture.

Often in a parallel kitchen, the counter replaces the dining table, which in turn saves valuable space, for example, to place the necessary equipment in a miniature room.

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