Modern kitchen, combined with a dining room: non-standard examples of design, destroying stereotypes


About the design of the kitchen, you can talk endlessly, because without it there can not do any modern dwelling. In addition to being the place where more or less outstanding culinary masterpieces take place, its space can take on additional functions by including a dining area or an impromptu bar. To achieve this, homeowners tend to go the simple way and unite the kitchen with a nearby room.

We offer to your attention some valuable advice on the modernization of the kitchen interior.

Multipurpose space

Those who plan to move the dining room into the kitchen space, it should be remembered that the work area should not come into contact with the dining room. It is best to put the table near the wall or in the center of the room, so that around him there is enough room for movement.

It is necessary to remember the safety of children and other family members and not organize a mini-dining room in the immediate vicinity of a gas stove or oven. If you can not ensure the optimal combination of these two zones, it is better to abandon such a layout.

Rational use of space

Carefully choose the shape of the table

Very much depends on the shape of the table. For a long and narrow kitchen, the best choice is a rectangular model. In a square interior, it is more appropriate to use a round or oval variant. In conditions of scarcity of area, a small table, square or transformable, in combination with simple chairs or stools, should be preferred.

White kitchen with a chic oval table

Seating arrangement

If the house is inhabited by only two people, they can do with a small coffee table with comfortable chairs. And for a large family is more suitable for a spacious table with compact chairs, banquettes or wooden benches. With this layout, at the dining table, you can comfortably accommodate about 8 people.

Dining table with benches, integrated into the structure of the kitchen island

It is important to use every centimeter rationally, because only in this case you will achieve the set goal.

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