Modern interior design of the kitchen with a spacious bay window


The layout of the kitchen with a bay window is a professional challenge to the designer. How to properly equip a complex space, filling it with grace, comfort and comfort? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the magnificent project from Elena Kazakova.

The room has an area of ​​twelve square meters and is conditionally divided into 3 functional areas – working, dining room and living room. In the spacious, light-filled area of ​​the bay window, the dining table with chairs harmoniously blended in. The interior has a unique interior in the Art Deco style with elements of Art Nouveau.

The features of art deco are:

  • contrasting combination of black and white colors (motifs of piano keys);
  • formation of wide contrasting lines;
  • the use of modern materials and furniture;
  • the use of elements of steel and aluminum in the interior.

The basis for the unique design of the kitchen with a bay window is a spectacular combination of coal and snow-white colors. A graceful floral patterns, original furnish of chairs and an impressive texture of pillows fill the room with notes of modernity. The right shape of the sofa perfectly harmonizes with the black stretch ceiling.

In the interior of the kitchen with a bay window, the curtains in the form of long dark laces fit organically. Their main function is to create a soft intimate environment in the niche.

Kitchen set in strict black tones is located along the left wall of the room. It has a large comfortable white worktop. The color images on the apron perfectly emphasize the overall stylistics of the room. And all items of equipment for the kitchen are compactly hidden in capacitive storage systems.

The designer skillfully and presentably divides the kitchen into zones. First of all, this effect is emphasized by a combination of black and white curtains in the bay window area. In the second – a different height and design of ceilings in two adjacent areas. This technique fills the interior with a unique style and charm.

The common factor for the entire kitchen is a chess floor covering. Thus, the effect of a whole indivisible room space is created.

It's not just a kitchen, it's a multi-functional and stylish room, which is not a shame to show guests. Black-and-white scale and art-deco style, perhaps, will please a few, but I'm so impressed with this result. It's great that at the beginning of the article there is a plan for placement of furniture items – it's much easier to evaluate the design as a whole.

What is the real contrast "before" and "after"))

If the last photo is a kitchen before the repair, then it is obvious that the designers coped with their task at 100%. It turned out very stylish and modern. The division of the kitchen into 3 functional zones in the Art Deco style looks harmonious.

Interior design of the kitchen, it is always a difficult task, and kitchens with a bay window especially! Designers perfectly coped with their task, if compared with the photos before and after. Only here I do not really like the black and white design.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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