Modern ideas of storage in the kitchen: how to make your kitchen the most roomy?


Ideas of storage in the kitchen: how to fit everything in a small area

The ideas of storage in the kitchen can be very different: it all depends on the size of the room, its style and location relative to other rooms.

Today, homeowners are increasingly preferring modern interiors, with headsets that look like a single whole. In this case, there are no significant gaps between the individual components of the kitchen. It becomes a "big social zone", which completely corresponds to the epithet "heart of the house".

The idea of ​​a "big social zone"

This trend is becoming more widespread, and, supporting it, the French designer Ora-Ito has developed a combination of shelves and cabinets for storing various utensils. He called his creation Foodshelf, to emphasize the importance of the functional component of the modern kitchen interior.

The storage system completely occupies one of the walls of the room, which unites the kitchen, dining room and living room, thereby enhancing the sense of its integrity.

The original kitchen solution from Ora-Ito

Like all great things, the idea is very simple, but it differs in its original design, imitating a modular rack. The elegant, refined and certainly minimalist Foodshelf design is fully functional, but it does not introduce dissonance into the appearance of the living room of the space.

The combination is not limited only to shelves and cabinets, but also includes table tops, base wall blocks, work areas and even excellent breakfast areas, and all these components are perfectly matched.

Solid cabinets and shelves in the kitchen and in the living room

You can choose what is right for you – from a variety of colors, finishes and shapes that vary from the point of view of color.

The modular design of the headset ensures that your kitchen and living room can easily adapt to the changing needs of your family.

It's easy to understand why Foodshelf has every chance to become a favorite among those who like universal, innovative and unique cuisine.

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