Modern ideas of decorating the kitchen sink in the kitchen


How should you reflect on the design of the sink in the kitchen, if you decide to change the interior of this room. A washer is what you need!

It is built in under the countertop, unlike the standard shells that are inserted into the previously cut out hole.

These are the advantages of built-in kitchen sinks.

1. The presence of such a sink in the apartment increases its cost in case of sale. For the buyer, this will be one of the arguments in favor of buying.

2. Embedded sink – a creative interior detail. You can make it special by choosing to your taste any material, color and size.

3. Many do not like that in the standard shells there is already a hole for the crane. But choosing a built-in sink, you can place the tap on either side of it, so that it's convenient.

Such shells correspond to modern trends in design: clarity of lines and simplicity of shapes.

The location of the crane relative to the sink is completely arbitrary

4. Built-in sink, thanks to its fastening, will free you additional 15-20 centimeters of working space in the kitchen.

5. The surface of the countertop appears larger when the sink is mounted under it.

6. A variety of materials are used to make such shells. The buyer can choose exactly what will suit his interior. But at the same time, the sinks are versatile enough to fit into any style.

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