Modern fairy tale in the nursery for two girls – designer tips for decorating the furniture of the main room


Dark purple construction with orange motifs

If you, dear readers of the Interiors Rooms Portal, grow up two little girls, they, of course, want to have their kingdom.

Below we will consider an interesting design solution for a couple of young ladies.

Each child is individual, and the interior must conform to his character.

Bedrooms for girls should be light and gentle. What color to pick, you ask.

Diversify the palette of tones, since the pink bedrooms are no longer relevant.

Many other juicy colors, such as light yellow, lime, peach and lime, will perfectly decorate the walls of the children's room.

Wallpaper for painting wonderfully fit to the design of the room for two princesses, because they can always be repainted and change the tone without re-gluing.

Bordovye bedspreads – as in the palace

When there are many places, it will be possible to place several separate berths.

To decorate the room, you can put on the bed bright pads, lace covers, comfortable padded stools and other accessories.

All the building materials used here are only environmentally friendly and safe.

If the girls are small, then you can not put glass and small items in their boudoir.

When creating an interior for teenage girls, you must necessarily solve the problem with the working area.

The size of the room will help determine the placement of furniture.

Gray, green and burgundy in a teenage bedchamber

A small but roomy wardrobe for girls

If there is not enough space in the room, you can put a bunk bed and a comfortable computer desk.

The best idea is a ramp, under which the beds are hidden. On the top of the platform are working tables, and before bedtime, the beds are put forward for sleeping.

Funny giraffes in a cozy teen bedroom

Some put sofas on the walls, but they take up a lot of space, which is quite unprofitable.

In compact spaces, you need to zonate the territory, dividing the room into two parts or separating the sleeping area from the working area.

The best solution for all will be to ask the girls themselves what they want to see in their boudoir.

Sea inhabitants – friends of two mermaids

Photo of the maiden interior with built-in beds in the closet.

Harmonious combination of different colors

Innovative solution for sleeping places

Flower garden in a wonderful home

A roomy dressing room in a yellow-green palette

Orange Savannah with merry giraffes

A fabulous pond with bright emerald frogs

Transformer table with flower seat for small housewives

Blue room for little girls in the photo below.

Dark and light on the blue surfaces of the space

Retractable sleeping places for several children

Glass wall in pink-beige dwelling

Lemon malinka in a tasty room

Orange castle in which real princesses live

A wide range of pink in the bedroom for girls.

Functional system for storing books and other things

A large space that accommodates several wide beds

A separating area with a built-in drawer for bed linen

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Very useful designer tips for decorating a room. A variety of colors and bright accessories like pillows can really decorate the rooms for girls. And completely stunning built-in closet beds!

Indeed, the children's room is the main room in the house, and how to decorate the children's room for two girls is doubly difficult, even though children of the same sex can be completely different in nature and interests, especially if there is a good difference in age. But if you take the examples from this article, I think that something will come of it.

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