Modern classics – beauty and practicality in kitchen design


Arrangement of the kitchen space is an individual expression of every homeowner, which is closely connected with the generally accepted signs of practicality, functionality and comfort. Gone are the days when it was believed that the adherents of the "classic" style in the interior are conservatives who are not ready for vivid experiments and innovations in the color palette or materials of interior decoration.

Classics will always be in demand, its popularity will never fade, because the classic style in the interior is the golden mean. Modern technologies affect the production of newest building and finishing materials, the manufacture of furniture and decor items, the release of home appliances and accessories for the kitchen. But the demand for classics in the design of interiors is constantly growing due to the fact that modern classical style can very organically take elements from other styles and adapt to modern technologies and innovations.

In the classic interior of the kitchen you will not find coldness and some dryness of minimalism, rigor and inaccessibility of high-tech or arrogant elegance of Empire style. Still, the classic in the interior presupposes the superiority of beauty, convenience and practicality over modern innovations.

But the style is not devoid of eclecticism and involves the introduction of objects, color solutions or individual elements from other stylistics. It is this integration in the classic style of kitchen space design that is devoted to the following selection of images of modern kitchens.

Classic style kitchen with elements of the Mediterranean

Integrate into the classic design of the kitchen, the touches of Mediterranean country are simple, because both styles are based on the concept of convenience and beauty of the environment. Differences are observed in a greater degree in the color palette, some Mediterranean motifs tend to coldness, and the classic interior can be called an adherent of a warm color scheme.

The white-blue color scheme came in this interior in the style of a classic from Greek country and was successfully implemented in a modern setting. The use of wood for the worktop tops and the kitchen island a little "warmed up" the cool palette of the situation.

This white kitchen with light patches of light turquoise in the palette creates a calming mood. Bleached ceiling boards and chairs from light wood breed dilute the atmosphere of some coldness and sterility, giving the kitchen a cozy and comfortable character.

The bright design of the kitchen-dining room perfectly combines the classic appearance of kitchen cabinets with the influence of the Mediterranean on textiles and decoration of furniture and decor of the room. The combination of blue and white becomes a highlight of this modern and incredibly optimistic room.

Reed bar chairs make an element of diversity and surprise in the traditional kitchen environment. The classic design of the kitchen unit is adjacent to the equally traditional decoration of the apron with tiles in the form of brickwork.

Two almost entirely white kitchens are only slightly diluted by wood shades and the touch of azure in the elements of the decor. But even these small things bring their charm to the general mood of the room.

The non-trivial design of this classic cuisine produces a reference not only to Mediterranean motifs, but also to retro-style elements. Bright and full of contrasts. the interior is rich in many design findings. The unusual shape of the kitchen island and the bizarre design of the hanging lamps above it – this ensemble can not be called traditional, but it fits perfectly into the general concept of retro classics.

Modern classics of the interior of the kitchen, combined with the living room and dining room, easily interweaves the canvas of Mediterranean country, which brought not only the wooden structures in the interior, but also a light interspersing of the azure.

Kitchen cabinets in the traditional snow-white version are only slightly diluted with a bright finish of the apron, the coloring of the adjacent wall and the coloring of the dishes, which is also part of the interior.

The interior of the kitchen, combining classics and modernism

To dilute the traditional kitchen environment, you can bring in its design elements from the Art Nouveau style. They can manifest themselves in decorating furniture and lighting, finishing some surfaces or in kitchen accessories.

Two or three outflows of the chosen color palette, which are in contrast between themselves, can not easily exhilarate the atmosphere of space, but also give it a completely different appearance. Brilliant or glass surfaces can add lightness and some eccentricity to a monochrome setting.

Several design techniques can transform the bright space of the kitchen with the help of modern elements. Whether it's pendant lamps or unusual chairs, but the room is set up in a different way and gets individuality.

This bright room of the kitchen is both unusually bright. With a minimal set of color solutions, it was possible to achieve a bright individuality of the room for cooking and absorbing food. This happened not without the help of high-surface mirror surfaces, hanging lamps and kitchen accessories. Interesting design of the kitchen island with wooden carved elements and designer stools with leather trim around it, have become another drop in the sea of ​​the individuality of the interior.

In this bright interior there are several dark spots, contrasting in a general setting. The interesting design of the hood, the unusual shape of the ceiling, the presence in the kitchen of the wine fridge-cupboard and designer chairs – everything works in contrast and gives the kitchen space an individuality and charm.

The combination of dark gray and even black shades with a snow-white finish of traditional cuisine has become one of the favorite design techniques. Such simple, but practical color solutions keep the overall kitchen environment in tone and create a solemn mood.

We can say that the interior of this kitchen-dining room with incredibly high ceilings is made in a progressive-classical style. The traditional setting shone with new faces due to the use of the latest materials for decoration and manufacturing of furniture and decor.

In the ready-made interior of traditional cuisine, you can add elements of Art Nouveau without breaking the general concept. Bright upholstery of furniture or designer lamps, deliberately visible household appliances – everything works to dilute the classical space, giving it a special charm and charm.

Modern in the design of traditional kitchen space can manifest itself in the original design of the kitchen apron with the help of brickwork, in shiny pendant lamps and bar stools of progressive design.

Glossy finish of the kitchen apron and work area, reflected in the surface of the countertops of the island of stainless steel, brings a little lightness and glossiness to the classic kitchen interior.

Gold-plated and bronze elements in the bright palette of the kitchen space create an easy hint of luxury and prosperity, bringing the holiday element to the general atmosphere of the room.

The traditional setting of the kitchen is a timeless classic

We bring to your attention a selection of images of kitchen facilities with a traditional interior in its purest form. The classic design of kitchen cabinets gives a sense of reliability, practicality and functionality, proven by time. The color palette, experienced by millions of homeowners inspires confidence and creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. And ergonomic arrangement of working surfaces and household appliances allows you to perform kitchen work with pleasure.

But even the most traditional interiors are not alien to innovations and small deviations from unspoken rules, in the idea of ​​decor or accessories of kitchen space.

The spacious kitchen space allows you to place a lot of storage systems for all the items needed in the kitchen work process. A modern home appliances, successfully integrated into the furniture ensemble, helps to perform routine work with joy.

But even within a small room, you can organize a kitchen area in a classic style with an interesting laconic design.

For example, this kitchen, which completely fits within the framework of a double-winged wardrobe and easily hides behind its doors, turning the kitchen space into a living room, needed exceptionally light colors for decoration. Only the chrome surfaces of household appliances and unusual decoration of the apron dilute the snow-white idyll of the mini-kitchen.

Of course, the most traditional color used not only for finishing surfaces, but also for furniture for classical kitchens, is white and all its shades. The bright palette is capable not only to visually expand the space, to give it a peaceful and comfortable appearance filled with freshness, but also to become an excellent background for bright elements. Such contrasting strokes can include dishes, textiles, kitchen accessories or lighting elements.

A wonderful alternative to the use of white color, can be a pastel palette in the decoration and setting of the room. Neutral, whitened colors will lead to a cozy and relaxing environment of the kitchen and dining room.

Sometimes a light kitchen finish is simply necessary to withstand the abundance of wood or other material with intense coloring.

But there are also designs of classical kitchens, made in dark, rich colors. If the dimensions of the premises permit, the use of dark wood for kitchen cabinets will become a hint of luxury and prestige in the arrangement of the kitchen space. And interesting decor elements with glossy or shiny surfaces will add a room of gloss and charm.

The predominance of dark shades in the interior of this kitchen did not make the room repulsive, thanks to the harmonious introduction of bright and mirrored surfaces. On their background, deep, dark colors look most advantageous, giving the room a luxury and style.

The design of this kitchen is difficult to call unequivocally dark or light, it is rather contrast, filled with a lot of interesting design findings. This room you want to consider for a long time and, of course, to cook and eat. A non-trivial approach to the manufacture of hanging lamps and stools, the bright design of the kitchen apron and the use of open shelves – everything in this interior works to create an individuality.

A few elements of the country within the classical cuisine can raise the level of comfort and attractiveness of the appearance of the room. The dining table and benches made of wood are perfectly adapted to the traditional setting of modern cuisine. Graceful and weightless lamps over the table, add lightness and freshness to the interior.

Small surfaces, made in colors different from the main color palette, give the room some variety and bring a positive attitude to the character of the kitchen space.

The darker shades of the kitchen island countertop and flooring have become a contrasting challenge to the snow-white atmosphere of modern cuisine. And an interesting design of suspended lamps added to the room of lightness and progressive chic.

The original design of the kitchen apron with the help of textured ceramic tiles can become a highlight of the almost white space of the kitchen area.

Traditional decoration with light shades of vertical surfaces and ceiling, as well as kitchen storage system, is diluted with dark wood flooring and decor elements made of steel, glass, and chrome objects and appliances.

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