Ideas of Modern Ceiling Design for Living Room


Modern ceiling design for living room, take as a basis for the creation of a composition of all the plane of the furnished room.  Highlighting the main current trends prevailing today is necessary.

ceiling design for living room
Ceiling design for living room
modern ceiling design for living room
Modern ceiling design for living room
ceiling ideas for living room
Ceiling ideas for living room

Popular ideas of interior design styles for the living room

ceiling design pictures living room
Ceiling design pictures living room
latest ceiling design for living room
Latest ceiling design for living room

The popularity of these or other techniques of the interior depends on many factors. For each period, one has its style, which can manifest itself after several decades, undergoing some changes. In the current year, the basis for creating an original interior is the main stylistic trends of the 20-is. Execution can be either component or integral.

Eclectic – the main trump of interior design in the modern context. Of particular importance is the creation of a well-thought-out space and a tight connection of decorative style with minimalist design trends.

A new round of popularity in eco-stylistics, which is no longer an independent kind of interior, but interactive. Especially relevant is the combination of eco-style with democratic contemporary.

living room ceiling design ideas
Living room ceiling design ideas

Timely antiquity returns to the list of popular interior styles. The lack of texture in leading forms makes us turn to classical and monumental varieties of decoration. However, antiquity is introduced as a final element. The general construction of the central plot is entirely borrowed from the English style – restraint, authority, consistency.

Ethnic styles are of little use for the formed modern idea of the interior of living quarters. But the bright, expressive forms and decorative elements of the ethics can be used in the way of replacing the antique accents.

All kinds of modern ceiling design for living room

On the ceiling plane of space is assigned much more functions, rather than just the lining and arrangement of lighting devices. First of all, the ceiling part should logically complement the existing interior. Given the current trends in creating an original interior for the living room, the actual increase in visual space, as well as old or ethnic types of decoration.

The second most important function that the ceiling performs is a logical division of space into zones. The living room often assumes the location of several types of functional zones, and new stylistic directions require large areas and smooth transitions. The only way to recreate the composition of the interior of the “chameleon” in four corners is to highlight the zones with the help of the ceiling lining.

The best types of cladding

Choosing a facing of the ceiling plane, it is essential to consider the functional tasks that the ceiling in the modern living room should perform. The living room, which has a large quadrature, requires the correct arrangement of some lighting fixtures. The first problem that needs to be addressed is the disguise of communications.

Modern styles of decoration, grown on the trends of minimalism and classics, require thorough work on preparing the planes for facing. The ceiling should not have unevenness and flaws, which are often found in multi-story high-rise houses.

interior ceiling design for living room
Interior ceiling design for living room

Stretch ceilings.

living room ceiling design images
Living room ceiling design images
beautiful ceiling designs for living room
Beautiful ceiling designs for living room
living room modern ceiling design
Living room modern ceiling design
images of ceiling design for living room
Images of ceiling design for living room
ceiling designs for living room images
Ceiling designs for living room images
beautiful ceiling design for living room
Beautiful ceiling design for living room

A universal model of cladding that meets all modern requirements. Convenient design allows you to mask unevenness and wiring. Unlimited choice of color and texture makes it possible to use stretch ceilings for all types of the interior without exception. Glossy surfaces, due to reflecting abilities, visually increase the space. Completing some advantages of the possibility to replace the canvas when changing the interior in the living room.

Wooden panels and beams.

modern ceiling ideas for living room
Modern ceiling ideas for living room
ceiling design living room photo
Ceiling design living room photo
ceiling interior design for living room
Ceiling interior design for living room
living room ceiling ideas pictures
Living room ceiling ideas pictures
living room ceiling interior design photos
Living room ceiling interior design photos

Contemporary and eco-style are well complemented with wooden ceiling coverings. Eco-friendly, aesthetically attractive material, allows you to create hanging structures that correct the plane of the ceiling. The mandatory air space between the plane and the cover will provide space for wiring and communications, and also serve as heat and soundproof layer. The material is used as the primary or additional, in the form of decoration. Active accents for the modern ceiling in the living room can be done with natural or decorative beams.

Plasterboard structures. Alternative or complementary option for stretch ceilings. Using gypsum cardboard, you can hide flaws and install any lighting equipment. The texture of plasterboard allows it to be lined with any material: staining, wallpaper coatings or plaster. The main advantage of gypsum boards is the possibility to create different level ceilings for the living room. With the help of the difference in levels, different zones are allocated, illuminating illumination is located. Modern designers use gypsum plaster structures as an addition to stretch ceilings, creating a whole composition on the ceiling plane.

The gypsum board ceiling is covered only after the completion of the alignment and masking of communications.

Facing materials for plasterboard structures:

  • Staining is the most popular way of meeting drywall, especially when it comes to combined gypsum plasterboard structures with stretch ceilings. With the help of high-quality paint, you can achieve a deep color and a uniform texture. Work on the coloring of the ceiling is carried out before the wall and floor cladding.
  • Coatings are less commonly used for exterior facing of plasterboard, but are generally applicable if the chosen interior style requires a “ceiling grip” (the capture of the ceiling * is the kind of cladding and decorative work in which part of the ceiling is faced with the same materials as the walls without a transition ) or a unique accent. But more useful to focus on the ceiling part of the room will help additional decor.


The main decoration of the ceiling is a chandelier or other types of lighting equipment. But in the stylistic directions that are used for the modern living room, decorative accents are also relevant with the help of stucco and frescoes.

contemporary ceiling designs for living room
Contemporary ceiling designs for living room

Stucco molding. Embossed ornaments are used to accentuate, emphasize the whole plane or a separate part. The main decorative element is moldings – shelf skirtings, installed along the perimeter for zone selection. Natural stucco is used to apply a texture pattern on the ceiling in any of the classic styles.

Frescos. An elite type of decoration, defining the classics. Frescos are applied as a whole, and in a separate area. The best variant of a ceiling fresco is a painting on a damp plaster, but, of course, some imitations are inferior in value – wallpaper with murals and films with a textured pattern.

Not recommended

There are types of decoration and decoration, which are not widely used in the decoration of the ceilings of modern living rooms. The reason for this was some individual characteristics of each of the materials, as well as the stylistic preferences of modernity.

Suspended ceiling. Panel suspended ceilings, which are often used for office space, have a convenient design that allows you to point replace worn parts, as well as mask communications. But this facing of the ceiling, with a limited color range in white-gray tones and a rectilinear shape, with divisions into squares is very formal and straightforward, to decorate and complement the interior of a residential house.

Casselton. Foam polystyrene plates simulating stucco molding do not have advantages as a material. They are used for few budgetary cosmetic repairs. The appearance of such finishing material gives cheapness.

Stucco and leveling with mixtures. Plaster, as the primary material for the ceiling, requires some works on the preparation and leveling of the plane. Besides, it does not provide constructions for concealed wiring. The thick texture of the material creates darkening and glare, distorting the appearance of the ceiling.

Staining. Staining always highlights the real flaws in the ceiling, so the same preparatory work is required for painting, as for plastering. For contemporary ceilings, this most inexpensive method is used only as an add-on or in the case if there is no need to set a disguise for wiring.


Whatever the interior, the completeness of the composition requires full coverage. Modern rooms are designed taking into account some rules:

  • be sure to illuminate the working area or perimeter with spotlights for a large area;
  • mandatory central lighting;
  • if the living room has two or more zones, logically separated from each other, the primary lighting should be at each.
elegant ceiling designs for living room
Elegant ceiling designs for living room
interior design ceiling of living room
Interior design ceiling of living room
interior design ideas for living room ceiling
Interior design ideas for living room ceiling

Lighting is always thought out by space requirements, its shape and divisions into functional parts. But, the above rules must be fulfilled in any of the cases.

The most commonly used spotlights, which are conveniently masked in the ceiling cavity. The traditional use of the chandelier is wholly compensated for by correctly arranged rows of spotlighting and excellent ceiling finish.

ceiling designs for living room photos
Ceiling designs for living room photos

The lighting design for modern living rooms increasingly has futuristic or minimalistic features. The chandelier always brings comfort and complements the composition, acting not only as an illuminator but also as an element of decor. The use of metal elements and textiles is welcomed.

For suspended ceilings and multi-level structures, the lighting of the “backlighting” type is often used. With the help of ordinary or colored light, the individual design planes are given the main decorative accent.

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