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Recently, the bathroom ceases to be an exclusively utilitarian room, acquiring a completely different functionality for this space. With the help of modern materials for finishing, which perfectly imitate natural raw materials, and progressive sanitary ware, you can create not just a room for taking water procedures, but a real work of design art. Nowadays the bathroom expands from a normal bathroom to a room with a Jacuzzi or a miniature sauna. Spacious premises allow you to place in the bathroom not only a shower cubicle and a bath with a toilet, but also a trouble, a sink, and sometimes two separate sinks. Some homeowners acquire a separate shower for pets, and someone equips a whole spa within the bathroom.

Still, the main task of the modern bathroom remains, as before, the provision of household members the opportunity to relax, take water procedures and relax after a hard day.

Planning a reconstruction or bathroom equipment from scratch, it is important to determine, first of all, with the palette of the room. Choosing color solutions for your bathroom, you thereby solve half of the assigned tasks, which precede directly the design project. Someone prefers classical light color range for the bathroom, someone is interested in departing from the usual solutions and trying dark colors for decoration, and some are even ready to experiment with bright, deep shades and unconventional textures.

Our publication contains a selection of images of modern bathrooms, the design of which provides for various preferences of homeowners in color solutions, choice of textures and types of sanitary ware. We hope that you will be able to be inspired by the latest design techniques in the area of ​​home bathroom design.

Bright bathroom – modern design

The interior of the bathroom can become a source of embodiment of your fantasies and design ideas. Bright color solutions will help elevate the design of the room to a completely different level of perception of the situation.

Warm wood shades coexist with the coolness of the azure tile, which lined the space of the shower, creating an incredible tandem for perception. Different types of lighting help to present the bathroom environment in all its glory.

The bathroom looks bright due to the contrast mixture of warm shades of different depths. The original system of wall lamps gives the room some romanticism and festivity.

This bathroom with a multi-level floor in golden colors is truly gorgeous. Imitation of the amber coating on the background of a neutral finish brings a royal character and a special charm to the room.

A simple and concise interior becomes positive and elegant thanks to contrasting color solutions. This room is incredibly practical and convenient. Start a new day with such a warm and positive atmosphere – get a charge of vivacity for all working hours.

The brightness of this bathroom is due to the interior, mainly, a chic view from the window. When outside the room is so attractive nature, do not want to be in the bathroom environment something distracted from the unity with nature. Hence the unusual design technique – the location of the shells near the window, and the mirrors directly on the windows. Filled with light and spaciousness, the bathroom attracts looks and fascinates.

Despite the bright finish of almost all the surfaces of the room, it looks bright and interesting. A little contrast in the design of the frames for mirrors and hanging lamps and the bathroom becomes a reflection of the creative idea.

A few warm natural shades in the finish of the bathroom come into contrast with the cool colors, creating a refined and elegant environment. Use for facing surfaces not only ceramic and stone tiles, but also whole pieces of natural material, raise the bathroom design to the level of luxury and comfortable chic.

Only one wall with an unusual design in these snow-white bathrooms makes them bright and inimitable. The backlight in this case enhances the created effect.

Natural, natural shades create a unique atmosphere of the bathroom. An interesting solution to equip the door to the backyard directly in the shower, allows you not only to admire the landscaping design of the infield during water procedures, but also to wash the paws of the pets straight in the shower before putting them into the house.

The shades of gray can also be bright, you just need to contrast them with a wood surface with a warm color. And the original backlight will enhance this effect.

Sand and golden tones look great in combination with beige trim. The original design of the room in a minimalist style leaves a large amount of space.

Dark shades in the modern bathroom – a game of contrasts or design experiments

Many designers are not afraid to use contrasting dark colors to decorate the bathroom, because among homeowners there is always a demand for such interiors.

If the size of the room allows, then why not use a contrasting color solution for finishing the bathroom surfaces. Several shades of gray are perfectly combined within a single room.

The dark lining of the walls and the floor serves as an excellent backdrop for the white sanitary ware of decor items.

It is not necessary to immerse the entire interior of the bathroom in dark shades, it is enough to perform a contrast finish on one of the walls or apply a dark, deep color in the furniture.

The game of contrasts of dark and snow-white shades most clearly manifested itself in the design of this bathroom with almost black mosaic tiles.

This small bathroom, located in the attic room, managed to perform in dark colors and visually it does not reduce, thanks to natural light, spilling over the bathroom almost throughout the day.

This luxurious bathroom in a minimalist style is so great that it can even afford to be completely painted in a dark color. But contrasting snow-white tones and wood flooring dilute the darkness of the finish.

Another famous design technique for decorating the bathroom space is the use of dark shades on the lower level of surfaces and lighter ones on the upper level.

When decorating the bathroom surfaces with dark tones, lighting is of particular importance. Several options for highlighting solve a lot of problems. The central chandelier in the alliance with illuminated mirrors or washbasins is an excellent way to organize the illumination of the bathroom.

The room does not look dark, despite the fact that all the walls are covered with mosaic tiles of very dark shades. Light ceiling and plumbing, as well as mirror surfaces – act diluting and clarifying the bathroom contrast.

These bathrooms look light, despite the total black color used in finishing some surfaces. Natural lighting and an abundance of light colors allow talking about freshness and tranquility in the interior of the room.

Bright bathroom – classic of the genre

The use of light colors in the arrangement of the bathrooms will never go out of fashion. And there are several reasons for this – light colors expand the space, and bathrooms often can not boast of an excess of square meters, against a white background any accessories or decor objects look incredibly advantageous and it is much easier to look after the light surfaces of the bathroom.

For small rooms in a minimalist style, light neutral tones are the best color solution.

White-washed bathrooms with a traditional design will always find their homeowner, such interiors are out of time and fashion. But with the help of designer lighting objects or modern accessories, you can raise the level of the room to a progressive one.

With the help of several contrasting spots you can dilute the snow-white atmosphere of the bathroom so that it does not look too sterile and cool.

And such an interesting design solution in the design of space above the sink, can dilute even the whiteest situation, giving it glamor and brilliance. Nontrivial design of pendant lamps enhances the effect of a shiny texture surface.

Light color solutions in the organization of the bathroom space can be diluted with original decor items. Such techniques are available even for a ready-made design project and will not be difficult to execute.

An alternative to the use of a total snow-white shade is the pastel colors with a warm color. In a room with such a situation it is easy to relax, relax, immersed in your thoughts. Everything here points to comfort and comfort, coupled with the practical ergonomics of all segments of the bathroom functional.

Country elements in modern bathroom design

In the progressive style of interiors bathrooms often lack a natural element. The use of artificial materials for finishing, cladding and manufacturing furniture is economically justifiable. But, if the homeowner has financial opportunities, you can not refuse to use natural raw materials. Even a small surface made of eco-materials brings the tenants closer to nature and warms the atmosphere of the room. Wood and stone are perfectly combined with modern finishing materials, and accessories and decorative items from natural raw materials will look gorgeous in modern conditions.

Beams from a practically untreated wood echo with the same surface of the countertop for shells and mirror frames, bringing the natural element into the ultra-modern furnishing of the room.

The wall made of natural stone becomes the coordination center of the bathroom and serves as an excellent background for a white oval-shaped bath.

And finally, we offer to your attention several interesting options for creating a bathroom in a modern style, harmoniously combining minimalism, modern and high-tech.

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