Mediterranean style in the interior of the kitchen – a creative approach to a practical setting


Mediterranean style is a mixture of elements of the interior, borrowed from the cultures of Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Egypt. The motifs of the Mediterranean are reflected in the proximity to the marine theme, pure, natural colors and natural materials. A juicy natural color, an abundance of light and bright accents in a simple and practical atmosphere are the main ideas for decorating a room in the style of the Mediterranean countries.

For all countries of the Mediterranean, the kitchen is the central room in the entire house. This room serves not only for the preparation of national dishes, but how seriously the inhabitants of the southern countries belong to cooking, we all know perfectly, but it also serves as a focal point for the whole house. It is in the kitchen, which, as a rule, is combined with the dining room, the whole family is going to. The place of rest, communication and creation of culinary masterpieces deserves a special atmosphere, in the spirit of national culture and the southern way of life.

Greek style in the design of the kitchen space

Currently, the motives of a country in the design of a single room are often so intertwined that it is difficult to identify the belonging of a style to one of them. But the Greek style has distinct differences from its Mediterranean counterparts. First of all, the differences are visible in the colors and methods of finishing the surfaces. Everything tends to be simplistic in Greek culture and the interior is no exception.

The Greek style in interior design is reflected in the cool color palette – the abundance of white, almost all shades of blue, lemon yellow and some shades of green. Often in Greek interiors resort to rough plaster walls in a snow-white shade. Against such a background, bright dishes with a national ornament are contrasted, which they like to show off, rather than hide in kitchen cabinets.

For the Greek design it is typical to furnish the kitchen with handmade furniture. Warm wood shades "warm" the cool palette of finish. Facing surfaces with tiles is the most common decorative reception for the Mediterranean style. Tiles are used not only to decorate the kitchen apron, but sometimes even entire walls. Mosaic is also a frequent visitor in the design of Mediterranean cuisines.

On the floor of "Greek" kitchens, as a rule, tile or decorative stone, but there is also a wooden flooring made of whitewashed boards.

Furniture is given special attention. Mostly natural materials used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs, fill the kitchen with family warmth of home comfort.

Greek interiors are full of contrasts and the kitchen is no exception. The combination of cool shades of the walls, looks great with warm, dark colors of the ceiling and the floor

Often, modern kitchens, for the design of which were used, including Greek motifs in interior elements, abound in country-objects and even rustic finds in the setting. The laconic simplicity of such rooms is striking with its practicality and ergonomics.

And sometimes the kitchen in Greek stylistics can look incredibly elegant and at the same time cozy. Warm shades of wooden cabinet furniture are in harmony with the ultramarine household appliances, and ceramic tiles on the kitchen apron acts as a bridge between the two color poles.

Light room of this kitchen with a light Greek touch in the atmosphere, has an incredibly homey, comfortable and cozy character. Light spots of dark color look great in a practically white room.

The spacious room of this kitchen in the Greek style is replete with designer finds and interesting solutions. The rural motifs in the decoration of the ceiling are combined with modern technology, a steel table top and an elaborate, outboard storage system for kitchen utensils. The abundance of wooden surfaces dilutes the coolness created by the coloring of the kitchen apron and the elements of the light system of cabinets.

Italian motifs in kitchen design

Italian style tends to be warmer, but also light colors in decoration, for decoration often use golden-orange, beige, brown, terracotta shades. Olive and color glass bottles are also found within the interiors of Italian stylistics.

Light decoration of walls of pleasant warm tones, light beige or dairy becomes a perfect background for contrasting furniture or decor elements.

Plate also separates a lot of space for finishing surfaces. Textured or bizarre colors, with unusual prints, ceramic tiles are often the main highlight of the kitchen interior.

Floor coverings in kitchens with an Italian bias in the design, usually wooden – natural wood or high-quality imitation echo the wood used to produce furniture and sometimes countertops.

This kitchen in warm milky-gray colors can serve as an excellent example of how in a single room you can combine tiles of different shapes and prints. Harmonious and cozy environment of the kitchen was created not without the help of kitchen cabinets, in the design of which glass inserts and original fittings were used.

Another example of an effective combination of different types of ceramic tiles for decorating the kitchen apron and the space above the working area. And reed bar stools, for a luxurious kitchen island, gave the room a playful and slightly romantic character.

If not every first, then for sure – every second interior in the Mediterranean style sings an ode to ceramic tiles and the importance of its application for facing the walls over the kitchen work spaces. This is an incredibly beautiful, festive and very practical way of facing the walls. A beautiful coloring of ceramics can refresh or brighten any interior. Against the backdrop of light kitchen furniture and a neutral palette of ceiling and floor coverings, the bright tiles in the design of the kitchen apron or some of the walls look amazing and will serve tenants for many years.

This dark chocolate kitchen with light impregnations of light colors is literally created for a big Italian family, but certainly it will look great in a private house located anywhere in the world. It is important only that the area kitchen-dining room allows you to apply such deep dark shades.

Spanish culture as an inspiration for kitchen design

The Spanish design of the kitchen space, like all the Mediterranean, tends towards a warm, natural color. Eco-materials for finishing surfaces and making furniture and decor items, bright contrast spots on the light, neutral background of the whole room. And the main thing is to create an atmosphere of a family home.

In Spanish interiors, often use domed ceilings, arched niches, stylized kitchen stoves under fireplaces with unusual arches. Dark forged decor elements or pieces of furniture are also welcome in the interior of sunny Spain.

Natural wood furniture, stone countertops and decorative ceramic tiles are frequent guests of Spanish kitchens.

The bright spacious room of the kitchen became a haven for interesting objects of decor – forged "lace" lamps, suspended and wall-mounted, became the highlight of the kitchen. Bar stools, stylized as garden furniture, found shelter around a large kitchen island with a snow-white countertop made of natural stone.

A domed ceiling with a luxurious chandelier hanging above the kitchen island, became the center of attraction of all views in this Spanish cuisine. Even later, we notice a chic carved furniture with a lot of decor and marble countertops of islands and work surfaces, and dark arched windows that are in an alliance with the dark surfaces of the furniture.

The bright design of the hood above the stove, the sparkling countertop of the island and the rich carved decoration of handmade wooden furniture, made the interior of the kitchen unforgettable and unique. The light and positive nature of this room charges with optimism and inspires culinary feats.

Elements of rough country are found in the Spanish interior. Ceiling beams, which, as if nobody was working, are in a comfortable neighborhood with modern home appliances, massive carved furniture and elegant decor elements of this home kitchen-dining room.

Wooden ceiling beams – a frequent design reception for country kitchens in general, and for the Mediterranean current in the interior in particular. Often this is the only element of rustic design in the atmosphere of traditional southern cuisine.

And this bright and warm kitchen square sets on home lunches and dinners at a glance. Stunning combination of Mediterranean traditions with modern appliances, located on all the ergonomics canons.

An unusual ceiling design in this Mediterranean kitchen has become the center of the entire design concept. Lined with light beige tiles, in the form of brickwork, the ceiling is a highlight, this quite traditional kitchen. The kitchen-dining room is combined with the living room and echoes it in the decoration, furnishings and the chosen color palette. Bright elements of leather furniture finish act as contrast focuses of attention and give the kitchen space a special charm.

And in this kitchen, a tunnel method was used to decorate the ceiling, with a facade simulating a brick wall. A few bright elements against the background of light decoration of kitchen furniture and decoration diluted the general mood of southern cuisine.

Next, we offer you a selection of images of kitchen areas, in which successfully managed to integrate Mediterranean motifs into the design of modern facilities. Comfortable neighborhood of elements of southern country with progressive materials and kitchen appliances, leads to the creation of interesting interiors that meet all the functional requirements for the work area, and at the same time have a special character and own style.

A warm and domestic atmosphere, recreated with the help of natural materials – stone and wood, is supported by the shine of household appliances. Warm, but at the same time contrasting shades of the chosen color scheme, bring a calming mood to the room.

These incredibly modern kitchens, with the presence of elements of hi-tech style, nevertheless, store the imprint of Mediterranean design techniques. The warm southern sun and contrasts of natural materials have left their mark on these progressive premises.

And this modern working kitchen area seemed to have been brought into the building of an ancient southern monastery or some kind of medieval castle. Stone wall decoration leaves a slight sense of primitiveness and simplicity.

And finally, several interiors of kitchen spaces with the "purest" southern country, with its warmth of eco-materials used both for finishing surfaces and for furniture production, forged and twisted decorative elements. And most importantly – with the atmosphere of a cozy room, created for a large strong family, which honors the traditions of its culture.

These two kitchens are similar to the applicable designers by ways of darkening the ceiling with the help of deep, dark woods and highlighting the rest of the interior decoration. As a result, the room looks harmonious, cozy and incredibly homely.

The stunningly high vaulted ceilings of this spacious kitchen-dining room allowed not only to build an entire structure of wooden ceiling beams, but also to hang it with a complicated system of storing kitchen utensils and accessories. The proximity to the interior of the southern castles of this large square adds a huge stone apron, created above the stove and stretching to the roof.

And this gray-beige kitchen is full of country elements of southern countries. A light, whitewashed wood for furniture, untreated wood for small open shelves and a decor element borrowed from nature itself.

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