Marble in the interior of the kitchen: the luxury that is available to you


Marble in the interior of the kitchen: yin and yang

Marble in the interior of the kitchen will never lose its relevance. Marble countertops are now at the peak of popularity. They are so beautiful that they capture the spirit. We have long been accustomed to marble in a white or light kitchen. This will surprise no one. But if the kitchen is dark? So, marble in the black kitchen: beauty or absurdity? Let's understand.

In the photo you see the design of the WS Workshop kitchen, where a luxurious, light marble is perfectly matched with strict black cabinets.

And here is another kitchen from the 24 Design Construction studio, where the marble worktop perfectly matches with the dark cupboards. Gold fixtures complete the picture. This kitchen looks very traditional, but designers play on the contrast of colors. This is very animating.

Stylish solution for the kitchen

Of course, you do not need to repaint the entire kitchen in black to achieve the desired effect. Sometimes, enough pairs of dark elements in the interior. As, for example, in this photo, where a black oven fits perfectly with a white marble countertop.

Emphasis on the dark

Another image of this cuisine: a skilful combination of colors in the interior and a competent combination of modern style with different vintage elements. Lockers, lamps, overall simplicity and functionality. And at the same time everything looks very modern and stylish. And the presence in the interior of the vintage accessories give it a special charm and personality.

Style that has gathered the best from other styles

But in the interior of the kitchen from the traditional home of black elements is almost none. All emphasis is on the light gray marble countertop. There is a kitchen and a zest – a window, with a dark stroke of color wenge.

The art of noticing details

And, finally, a light, light, modern and incredibly elegant kitchen. The black cock and the gorgeous black lamp look amazing.

Absolute harmony of combination of white and black

The strictness of black, the luxury of marble . this duo was born in heaven.

Marble in the interior of the kitchen is a worthy option for real aesthetes. It seems to me that the room with strict dark cupboards and a marble counter top looks especially cool. Playing on contrast gives incredible elegance.

Marble in the interior of the kitchen is always a win-win option. From the point of view of beauty and comfort in care and exploitation, he has no equal.

All that is written in the article is an absolute truth. Marble in the interior of the kitchen has always been and will be relevant. I really like the marble countertops, firstly, it's comfortable, they are very durable, no water is terrible for them, and they are easy to clean, and secondly – it's insanely beautiful! And it always looks expensive, elegant and elegant. In addition, marble will fit perfectly into almost every interior

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