Luxury in the kitchen – a designer refrigerator for wine will preserve the unique properties of drinks for a long time


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You do not need to be a sommelier to assess how useful a refrigerator for wine can be. This small device, serving for short-term storage, helps to keep the wine at the proper temperature. Most experts recommend consuming beverages that are in such devices for a year.

These devices are not designed for "age" wines that need to be aged. If you are seriously collecting alcoholic beverages or just want to have a handy wine storage system, then our advice will be useful to you. We offer readers to get acquainted with several options for purchasing and placing in the kitchen of wine coolers.

With one or two cooling zones

Most wine coolers are supplied with one- or two-zone cooling systems. Good-quality wine cabinets should have a temperature range, at least, from 7 to 18 degrees Celsius.

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A mono-temperature refrigerator is suitable for those who plan to store only one type of wine. The temperature in such a device will vary from bottom to top – the more space in the device, the higher will be the temperature drop. This is the best choice for homeowners whose main problems are lack of space and facilities. In this case, it is recommended to place white wines on the bottom, where the cooling is more intensive, and red ones, respectively, from above.

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Dual-zone devices can store various types of beverages, they are equipped with independent temperature controllers and displays for each zone. Of course, increasing the functions and capabilities of the refrigerator leads to its appreciation.

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The amount of wine that you need to cool and have ready, determines the dimensions of the refrigerator that you want to buy. Do not know how to count? Multiply by 52 the amount of wine you drink per week and add a few bottles for special occasions.

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Pay attention to the type of racks with which the selected refrigerator is equipped. They are not all the same and some non-standard bottles will not pass in size.

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Choose the option of racks of the refrigerator and in accordance with the aesthetics of your house, the style of the interior. The wine racks can be made of wood, completely of their chrome, plastic or represent a blending of different materials to match different designs. Some high-quality models are available with the option of replacing the panels with those that will match your furniture finish.

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Built-in or case?

Wine cabinets perfectly fit into their surrounding furniture in case they manage to build them. This type of device requires careful consideration for installation. Most of these refrigerators have a front load and require additional space. The variant with the swinging door should be taken into account in terms of moving around the room where your device will be located.

Some manufacturers of wine coolers offer models with reversible doors, but they are much more expensive. The price of built-in wine cabinets can vary from 600 to more than 3000 $ (without the cost of installation), depending on the features of the functions and sizes. The standard width of most coolers is about 60, see.

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If the wine cooler is installed above the table top (as in the photo above), then the owners can easily see its contents without bending at the same time. And the lower level is released for the rest built-in kitchen appliances.

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Cooled wine cabinets can also be an excellent addition to the food storage room.

Autonomous refrigerators for wine

This is an excellent choice for those who do not have enough space for a built-in wine cooler. Such devices can be placed in a garage, basement or ventilated cabinet. Do not forget to leave gaps near the rear walls of the refrigerators for the outflow of heat. Stand-alone wine coolers range in price from 199 to 2000 $, depending on features and size. Some compact models cost only 115 $, but at the same time look so that they fit perfectly in modern kitchen interior design.

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