Luxury apartment with original design in a penthouse with sea view


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In today's article, we will talk about luxury apartments in Florida. The picturesque surroundings are perfectly visible through the huge windows: on one side there is a stunning panorama of the endless water surface, on the other – the urban coastal landscape and the beach strip.

Developing the project, the designers turned to the concept of space with an open layout. The interior harmoniously combines various materials and textures, here each element recalls the close relationship between man and nature.

The dominant background is smooth plaster, painted in a white color. In this original canvas, every detail looks clear and expressive. On the second place in frequency of application – a tree. The material is used for making furniture, walling and panels.

Not less remarkable element of design is a natural stone. It was used for decoration of walls and as an element of decor.

The unique interior of the living room is admired. The space of the room is designed as a lounge area. Incredibly high ceiling, panoramic windows, which offer stunning views, and an excellent ventilation system allow you to forget about the boundary between the inner and outer world.

The fine line is blurred thanks to the stunning layout. The room is open to the outside world, it seems to be pouring into the room and becomes an integral part of it.

This penthouse area has interesting design features. Semicircular form is very advantageous in the arrangement of the main room in the house. The furniture was chosen appropriate. These are two elegant semi-circular sofas framed by wooden shelves. They complement the stylish and elegant image.

On the shelves were placed souvenirs, accessories and other nice-looking details. The central part of the room is a refined table-bench, it is practical and convenient to use. The charm of furniture of this style in simplicity and functionality.

In the dominant palette brings a variety of bright yellow pillows. They enliven the color monotony of the zone.

On the floor is a dark gray carpet with original patterns. It fits perfectly into the composition and makes it complete.

An integral part of luxury modern housing is a premium kitchen. It not only performs its functions, but also serves as a stylish complement to the interior.

The kitchen area is equipped with the latest technology. For the hostess, who appreciates practicality, this is an excellent option. After all, the kitchen set has a lot of shelves, side tables and cabinets – here all the utensils will find their place and will not clutter the work surfaces. The unique wooden decoration looks amazing, introducing a variety in the design of the apartments.

The dining area is located directly in front of the glass sliding door leading to the terrace. Furniture was made on individual orders specially for this project. Elegant and sophisticated headset designers preferred the option, admiring the naturalness of the style. Such furniture reminds that a person needs to be closer to nature.

The table and chairs have a simple design that maximizes the texture of natural wood. At the wall designers placed the original bedside table, resembling a quaint snag. She has a tabletop made of wild stone.

The next room is the resting place of the whole family. Here you can have a great time watching TV, movies or football matches. A wide screen on the wall allows you to safely call the room a home cinema.

The decoration of the walls is rather laconic, they serve as a backdrop for the TV, paintings and mirrors. Furniture in the room is small. It is a soft corner of gray color, decorated with bright pillows, a coffee table and an elegant dining set. On the floor is an original rug imitating a poster.

The stop of the room demonstrates the excellent taste of the hosts and their need for a peaceful atmosphere in which you can relax and unwind.

The main color of the bedroom is white. Neutral palette allows you to relax and calm your thoughts after a busy day. Monochrome scale is complemented by contrasting colors, bright accents and original decorations. Minimalism and romantic motifs are perfectly combined, creating a unique atmosphere.

A delightful style of decoration is complemented by panoramic windows through which bright sunlight pours.

The apartments are equipped not only with traditional bathrooms, but also full-scale spa. There is a shower with massage nozzles, a relaxing jacuzzi and a small sauna, where not only the family but also the company of friends will fit.

The decoration of the rooms is inferior to the elite salons. Flawless white walls, decor, luxurious plumbing and intensive lighting create a delightful atmosphere that promotes a full-fledged relaxation.

Despite the size of the apartments, some areas were rather tight. But even in a small bathroom there is everything you need: a shower, a toilet and a washbasin.

To visually expand the space, designers used in the design of the room contrasting colors and catchy decor elements. The result was amazing.

At the end of our walk on the penthouse we go out onto the terrace. There is an atmosphere of lightness and harmony. The balcony offers a stunning view of the azure waves, and the air is filled with the smell of the sea.

The terrace is comfortable and roomy. Here you can spend time in the company of friends, admiring the beauties of the coastal line.

Luxury apartments in Florida are delighted with originality and harmony of design. There is an atmosphere of openness and freedom.

Architects skillfully used the design features of the layout, creating a spacious, full of light housing.

Due to the restrained colors and original details, the house is full of comfort and peace. This place is created for rest and enjoyment of life.

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