Luxury and beauty of kitchen countertops made of granite: 5 most popular varieties in an interesting photo compilation with comments


Choosing the material of kitchen countertops for reconstruction or assembly from scratch is a very important enterprise. Designers often face problems when customers start to choose among a variety of color palette options, textures, shapes and ways of finishing the edges of tables. Only by making a decision about the table top does not end, because you still need to decide on the cabinets.

Many people like to use natural stone in the interior because of its durability and natural tones, which can add texture to almost any kitchen. As a rule, there are several granite favorites with which the authors work for many years.

It is these options that we present to the readers. Look at the amazing countertops that fit well with both the finish and the color of the cabinets.

1. Bianco Romano

This granite is appropriate in case the landlord has chosen a classic light kitchen. This material allows you to create excellent combinations with warm and clean shades of white and beige on the lockers. In addition, nickel and bronze housings of kitchen appliances are perfectly combined with any colors of this granite, which includes not only white and beige tones, but also gray and deep burgundy.

Bianco Romano with cabinets made of natural wood. Because of the warm white, beige and gray scale, this granite works perfectly in combination with wooden furniture, for example from walnut or oak.

2. Seafoam Green

Seafoam Green with painted kitchen cabinets. The presented granite is very beautiful. The shade of greenery, closer to earthy, with gray and brown impregnations, is perfectly combined with painted furniture and nickel kitchen appliances. The stone is simply magnificent in a polished version.

Seafoam Green in combination with wood. If you are trying to convey the rustic or somewhat mundane nature of your kitchen space, then this will be an excellent choice. Add bronze or copper accessories, and the kitchen will be unique and charming.

3. Costa Esmeralda

Costa Esmeralda with painted furniture. This kind of granite is ideal when the landlord asks to create an interior with a marine color scheme of the room. The shades of this natural material vary from blue to green and, of course, will differ in different batches. The green-blue tones of the stone are perfectly combined with white or sand colored cabinets and nickel-plated instruments and lamps.

Costa Esmeralda in combination with wood. This stunning granite creates a harmonious alliance with wooden furniture, especially in daylight. The room looks incredibly warm and cozy. The sun's rays reveal the whole variety of the color palette of the natural surface.

4. Absolute Black

Absolute Black with painted cupboards. Traditional image of classical cuisine. Many people like the combination of exquisite white kitchen furniture and absolutely black granite countertops. With such a very dark stone, cabinets look almost any shades, and if you add chrome or bronze lamps and accessories, you will get an incredibly luxurious kitchen that emphasizes the impeccable taste of the owners.

Absolute Black in harmony with the tree. Another classic combination. In such an environment, anyone can feel comfortable and comfortable, and the room will look very innovative at the same time. Try to combine black granite with a nut and oak. Such an alliance is suitable for any stylistics of the interior of a modern room.

5. Typhoon Bordeaux

Typhoon Bordeaux with painted furniture. One of the favorite aesthetes of granite is a mixture of creamy, gray, brown and brick-red flowers. This is the perfect choice for a light and concise kitchen that has shades of red on the floor.

Depending on the party, this granite can be either with large red veins, or with brick-colored waves. Try to apply it for the kitchen island in conjunction with beige or cream cabinets to create a warm and bright atmosphere of your room.

Typhoon Bordeaux in tune with wooden cabinets. If you like the soft mood in the kitchen design, such a stone along with the wood is an absolute favorite. Brick-red and brown shades in this natural material are perfectly combined with furniture from walnut, oak, cherry and mahogany.

Magic granite looks great in the interior of the Spanish style. The dark red stone and the rustic charm of Spain in architecture is a marriage made in heaven.

And now it's your turn – tell us about your favorite version of the material for the kitchen countertop!

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