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Living Room Ideas

Sofa in the interior of the living room

The sofa not only creates an atmosphere of comfort and comfort in the living room. Correctly picking up the sofa itself, its color, shape and location, you can change the room beyond recognition! Sofa in the interior of the living room: location Where to put the sofa? There is no single answer to this question. […]

Modern modular systems for the living room: out of the excess furniture

Modern modular system for living room, decorated in gray tones Modern modular living room systems are increasingly used in interiors. Such systems are universal, they can be selected for any situation. They perfectly merge with the interiors and look like its integral part. Especially elegant modules look in the design interiors. A series of furniture […]

Modern furniture in the interior of the living room

In any apartment, the living room is the heart of housing. Also, the living room is the face of every family, here you receive guests, arrange celebrations and dinner parties. It is in this room that all the households come together to watch TV or just socialize. Therefore, the interior of the living room should […]

Living room 15-16 square meters: the original interior in a small square

Many are confident that making an interesting interior and implementing design solutions in rooms with a small area is not just difficult, but impossible. It is worth noting that this is an erroneous opinion. Yes, to make a high-quality and eye-catching interior in a small living room is difficult, but if you approach the issue […]

How to equip the living room in a stylish and modern way

The living room is one of the central places in the house or apartment. This is a family recreation area and a reception room. As a rule, it is here that the tastes and financial opportunities of homeowners are reflected. There are a lot of options for arranging the living room, the range of functionality […]

Living room, combined with the bedroom – functional interior

In most cases, such a decision comes to the owners of small apartments, where there is clearly not enough rooms. And even more often the design of the living room, combined with the bedroom, is used in one-bedroom apartments. In principle, in order to get an original functional interior, it is enough to apply a […]