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In most cases, such a decision comes to the owners of small apartments, where there is clearly not enough rooms. And even more often the design of the living room, combined with the bedroom, is used in one-bedroom apartments. In principle, in order to get an original functional interior, it is enough to apply a little imagination, especially since the lack of space just makes it necessary to go for such a method. And if you turn to an experienced designer, then he easily solves the problem by combining in one room immediately and the zone for the reception of guests, and a recreation area. However, from a double bed in this case, most likely, it is necessary to refuse.

The basic nuances of the drawing room-bedroom

For the design of the living room, combined with the bedroom, the best option is to purchase a furniture-transformer, such as a chair, which can easily be transformed into a sleeping place. Or, for zoning, it is advisable to use a septum, which can be either solid or incomplete. By the way, this is perhaps the most rational option. Solid partitions are usually made of plasterboard, less often of brick. Incomplete or short, they usually serve to separate the space and look like apertures, arches, columns or lattice partitions.

Ways to combine living room with bedroom

There are several ways that you can use when combining the living room with a bedroom. Let's analyze the most common more in detail:

To the lassic version (classical walls) – in other words, redevelopment, it requires the use of several windows in the room, as well as a large area, such materials as brick, plasterboard, foam concrete, particle board, and also gas silicate or gypsum-fiber blocks or glass blocks, serving both for separation and for decorating the interior;

Curbs – solid or incomplete, for mobile partitions are most often used screens of fabric, wood in the form of blinds or accordion, as well as glass;

Z anaveski – can be on different levels, and also, move apart or constantly hang – at will, and also be stretched on the frames similarly to the screen or to go up, the main thing – to hide the sleeping place from prying eyes;

Furniture is the simplest variant of zone separation, racks with shelves, and wardrobes, and cabinet furniture,

and if you use a sliding sofa, you do not need to differentiate, it's very good to use moving furniture on rails or rollers – this makes it easy to change the interior, often for zoning use the head of the bed with shelves and shelves, and even better to buy a bed-transformer that allows not bad to save space, because In the daytime, it looks like an ordinary cupboard, and it is lowered only for the night with an uncomplicated mechanism;

Pentium – this method is ideal when there are high ceilings in the room, the podium is made by raising the floor level, it is very convenient to store things inside it, if you place boxes and even arrange lighting, or you can build a hollow structure from which the sleeper will be pulled out;

About light and color – zoning can also be done using different wallpaper, both in texture and color, or with the same pattern, but different tones; besides this, with the help of lighting, you can very clearly define the boundaries of two zones using for this bright light for the recreation area and the reception of guests, and muffled for the sleeping area

Do not forget about the unity of the interior

Despite the fact that there are two different zones in the room, the interior should still be unified, because These zones must correspond to a single style, and the colors should harmonize well and harmonize among themselves. This should always be remembered.

A few tips from designers

When zoning, remember that the bed is best placed as far as possible from the entrance to the room. It would also be nice to place it next to the window for the convenience of airing, and for psychological peace of mind. TV is also more appropriate to place away from the sleeping area, in order to, in which case, do not interfere with the resting person. Among other things, there should not be too much furniture. If the room is narrow, then it can be visually expanded by hanging a mirror on one of the walls. By the way, natural motifs in decoration will also help visually increase a small room. A depth of space can give an arched window.

In any case, the design of the living room, combined with the bedroom, should be carefully and thoughtfully approached. Ideally, the number of rooms in the apartment should be one more than the number of people living in it. But, alas, not all have this, why people and resort to such a decision as the union of two rooms in one.

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