Light-design kitchen interior for the elderly – how to light the room without unnecessary strain on the eyes


Interior lighting design is a way to add individuality, highlight strong accents, emphasize virtues and hide flaws. It would seem, what can light affect? But, if it is used correctly, the result will surpass all expectations. Today we will consider the options for kitchen lighting, which is designed specifically for the elderly.

Unfortunately, over the years the lens of the eye loses its properties, becoming turbid. The person sees the image blurred, the colors lose their saturation, the focus becomes difficult. Eyes become more susceptible to glare and too bright light. Slightly reduce the inconvenience of contrasting colors in the interior, matte surfaces and dim lighting.

We have prepared for you a few notable options, which in practice will suit not only to solve problems with vision, but also help create a cozy environment. Given the location of the light source, its saturation, color temperature and other factors, you can achieve an excellent result.

To create a soft lighting design, you can refer to the well-known method – LED backlighting. It is advisable to install it in a specially designed ceiling. Thus, you will get a soft and diffuse light that reaches all corners of the kitchen, reviving even the neutral color scheme.

Backlight can be supplemented with small lamps, both built-in and hanging. So you get the ability to control the intensity of light streams depending on your needs.

The most common lighting devices are fluorescent lamps. Maximum light output and even lighting throughout the room make them so popular.

If the closets of your kitchen set do not reach the ceiling, place additional lighting above them – then you do not have to change the ceiling. Using more powerful lamps increases the reflection of light from the ceiling, thereby increasing the illumination of the room. This is also facilitated by light colors of furniture – for example, white in the interior, which is considered universal.

Smart choice of invoices

If you want to get rid of glare, then pay attention to the matte finish and get rid of glossy and varnish coatings. For example, a wooden countertop is an excellent alternative to shiny plastic – it is practical and environmentally friendly, and its shade is pleasing to the eyes and fits perfectly into the interior.

Polished marble pillars Calacatta

If you prefer natural stone, it is better to use materials that are amenable to grinding. So you completely get rid of reflections and glare, and at the same time you will admire the beautiful texture.

Industrial notes in the modern kitchen

The correct selection of finishing materials is no less important than the choice of fixtures. Designers recommend paying attention to soapstone (soapstone) or concrete. Concrete surfaces are becoming more popular in modern kitchens for this reason – they do not shine.

Stunning constellation of fixtures

It is necessary to take into account the direction of the light flux. It's good when it's pointing down. For this purpose pendant lamps are perfectly suitable – they can be used as the main lighting, and their arrangement allows to illuminate the actual working surfaces. Correctly calculate the number of lamps – this is very important for balanced lighting.

The right solution for good lighting

Designers argue that directional lighting, including lighting under cabinets, is the most important for any kitchen. They highlight exactly where it is needed. And if you are disturbed by shadows, then it is worth adding to the scheme hanging chandeliers. And choose those that can be located at the lowest possible level.

If you need to illuminate the work surfaces so that the work is more comfortable, then you can apply LEDs or xenon lamps. They emit a soft warm light. But be sure that they are equipped with a lens-diffuser, which will scatter and evenly distribute the streams of light.

And how about integrating lighting elements in cabinets and drawers? This simple adaptation will help people with impaired vision to navigate more conveniently in each locker.

Aesthetics of modern interior – excellent

Of course, it is best if there is enough light in the kitchen. When at least two kitchen walls have windows, the owners can rejoice. However, all the same it is necessary to include in the project and system of artificial illumination. The main thing is not to leave any part of the space dark.

In this interior, pendant lamps, LEDs and sconces are combined. Designers used a multi-level system, which in combination with stylish furniture forms a harmonious picture, which perfectly complements the scenic landscape.

You can refer to the most charming and unusual option. For those who have weak eyesight, you can use the backlight that separates the headset and the floor. This will help to better navigate in space and more accurately assess all objects.

Such lighting perfectly contrasts with the dark shade of the floor. This method is really very original and perfectly suited for those who like optical illusions. Look – it seems that every object is floating in the air.

The organization of the kitchen space is a complex science, consisting of many aspects and nuances. But the most difficult thing is to choose the right way for people with visual problems. Particular attention in this case should be given to the light, which can both interfere with the work, and make it more comfortable and pleasant.

Correctly chosen finishing materials, colors and special lighting will help not only to create suitable conditions, but also to find a compromise between style and ergonomics.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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