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Flowers in the interior of the kitchen from Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

Before the beauty of flowers in the interior of the kitchen is difficult to resist. Flower patterns and motifs have already become quite familiar in the interior of bedrooms and bathrooms. However, in a strange way they can not reach the kitchen in any way. Do not you think it's time to change this?

Below are five different ways with which you can determine which "flowers" you best put in the kitchen. Perhaps you want to see something big and bold or small and subtle. Obviously, the introduction of something alive in the interior, will please you in full.

Such a floral apron can be attached to wallpaper or tile, as in House Beautiful.

Flower apron for kitchen

You can add fabrics or even paper on the back of the kitchen cabinet, as in this house from Babies and Biscuits.

Flower fabric is lined on the inside of the cabinet

If you doubt the effectiveness of this method, add some art. The painted sap from the designer Meredith Heron is an example.

Flower print or painting

Probably the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to add something lively and beautiful to your kitchen.

Flowers in the interior of the kitchen have a place to be, because now it is relevant, and in many cases – beautifully and diversifies the interior. But I personally like more discreet floral motifs, such as a painted tree from the designer Meredith Heron. This tree is suitable for almost any interior, and will not look too vulgar.

Flowers in the interior have always been relevant. They create an atmosphere of constant summer in the kitchen, coziness and closeness to nature. This is especially important for people living in large and noisy cities. Such a kind of light relaxation – looking at the floral accents, imagine yourself outdoors in a forest or park.

Flowers in the interior of the kitchen, however, as with the design of any other room – it is always a good idea. However, I would use for decoration or fresh flowers in a vase, or a small floral accent on a neutral background. But not artificial flowers, and not too variegated wallpaper.

Flowers in the interior of the kitchen I personally recalled the restaurants of Spain. There, everywhere there are floral motifs with intricate patterns.

Flowers in the interior of the kitchen are an important decoration not only of the kitchen but of any room. Correctly selected and carefully arranged flowers will give the kitchen a special atmosphere creating favorable conditions for a good evening and not only.

The eye rejoices at such beauty! Excellent selection. Flowers – it's beautiful and bright, and these factors will always be the companions of a good mood)

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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