Lair of curious fidget – interior room for two teenage boys from Lauter Marina


Dear visitors of the Interiors Room Portal, see the work of designer Marina Lauter.

She, despite all the complexity, was able to transform the appearance of the room in which two boys of adolescence live.

The space contained many functional areas.

In this room there was a place for rest and sports, studies and games.

A storage system is so convenient that children will do the cleaning without mentioning.

Lighting in the room tends to perfect, and all thanks to the use of different in functionality luminaires, which were located by the designer in different places of the room.

The central chandelier is a homemade lamp, for the manufacture of which ordinary light bulbs and red wires have been taken.

Lamps are not covered with shades, which is also very unusual.

In the part of the room designed for homework, was used LED lighting.

On the ceiling are also lamps in the form of woven lamps.

Local lamps on the boys’ work tables correspond to the central lamp.

They are also made in red, and the light from them is so soft and pleasant that you can not worry about eye strain.

In the sports zone there is a climbing wall and a Swedish wall.

As lighting, LEDs were used in a metal casing.

In the room for teenage boys there must be a big TV.

Fixed it on the wall, and next to put the floor lamp in a gray color scheme.

Its main feature is the ability to choose the position of the lamp.

Opposite the TV, on the wall is a very original, and at the same time an interesting lighting device.

Its main advantage is that you can direct the light flux anywhere, thanks to a special long holder, which easily bends.

Particular attention was paid to furniture for boys. The batteries were closed with MDF doors, and ventilation was also provided.

And on both sides of this design they have shelves for various trifles.

Perpendicular to this, on both sides, jobs for teenage boys were located.

One of their part they rely on the construction on the windowsill equipped with a special rail, and the opposite part – on the supports with wheels. The surface color was matte white.

This arrangement allows these tables to be moved in the center of the room if necessary.

Opposite to the window side of the table are adjacent to the construction of MDF, whose color is also white. This is a special place for storing not only books, but also toys.

As a berth was chosen sofa transformer.

In the folded state – this is an ordinary sofa for communicating with friends.

At night, it transforms miraculously.

The second bed simply rolls out from below, after which it can be placed anywhere in the room.

In the room where two adolescents live, there is provision for pull-out systems in the bed where you can store bed-clothes.

Another advantage of this personal bed is that an adult can easily accommodate.

The materials were prepared jointly with Lauter Marina

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The interior is simply gorgeous. There are all necessary areas for teenagers. There is a place for classes, very well delineated areas for sleep, creativity or exercise and sports. I believe that the boy in the room must have a sports zone, and if there is a mini-climbing wall, then it’s just super, as climbing develops not only muscles, but also thinking.

A wonderful room for teenagers, although it could easily live and an adult. Carefully designed storage systems, original designer details and a sea of ​​light. Very good option. Just conquered the chandelier, something reminiscent of a spider – simple and stylish.

It is not always possible to divide children into different rooms and have to come up with something to put them together. Rationally calculated every centimeter. The less furniture and accessories, the purer. An unusual solution for a chandelier. The accented wall of brickwork is perfect for children. Small aquariums fit into the overall interior.

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