Kitchens with glass facades: interesting ideas for interior design


Kitchens with glass facades are relevant for any style interior design. There are a lot of ideas that reflect the design in the Art Nouveau style. Below are a lot of options offered to customers.

Most projects tend to continue the style that the home owners chose for their dining room. To reflect this direction, furniture with smooth glass doors is largely suitable. This material is an integral part of modern design and is used in various options of the kitchen, creating a feeling of ease.

These closet doors are suitable for almost any style, sparkling and giving the room an additional gloss. Here are a few ideas that inspire you to act in the right direction.

The show begins!

It is believed that glass buffets, as a rule, attract attention with their highlights on the doors, literally dazzling. It's not far from the truth. These kitchen cabinets are especially suitable for those who would like to turn shelves into storefronts.

But this does not mean that a less careful person can not use them. Currently, there are many kinds of glass on sale. You can choose stained or even matt doors that, while retaining the shine of the glass doors, will largely help hide things inside cabinets.

These cabinets, no matter where they are located in the house, easily fit into any design. Even if your kitchen is made of polished stone or wood, the glass of the front cabinets never, as a rule, stand out.

Ideal for a small kitchen

This option is ideal for studio rooms and city houses, in which, often the kitchens are rather small and compact.

One of the main design principles in a small space is to create a visual effect of lightness and airiness. Glass is an ideal material for achieving such a goal. Even if the kitchen is made of wood with massive closets, such doors will add a sense of space and airiness.

Intelligent lighting in addition to the glass doors of cabinets, walls of neutral tone and mobile shelves, which occupy very little space – all this will help create an atmosphere of spaciousness, even with scant lighting.

Balance of elements

Look at the modern kitchen and see a lot of wooden, metal and stone surfaces. Glass not only adds a visual effect of lightness to these elements, but also simply brings a variety in the texture of surfaces in the kitchen.

Buffets with transparent doors are suitable for this purpose is just perfect, however, as for any kitchen interior. If you plan on repairing here, just put a cabinet with a glass door here, and you have a fresh and bright new look. Of course, there are many ways to decorate the kitchen. And, of course, the ergonomics and simplicity of the buffet gives much more than it seems at first glance!

Many mistakenly suggest that glass facades, with all their aesthetic beauty, are completely impractical. But this is not the case at all and I was convinced of this on my own experience. Behind frosted facades, courtship is not at all more difficult than for wooden ones. At the same time the kitchen acquires visual ease. Do not doubt the glass is an excellent solution for furniture facades.

The glass cabinet is as magical as the medicine cabinet. Small room glass advantageously increases, in principle. But for me, the transparency of the glass is better than the opacity. Another option is suitable color.

Glass does not burden the interior, it makes it exquisite. At the same time, this material can not be called fastidious in care. I liked the idea of ​​using it in the Art Nouveau style combined with the dark colors of furniture and technology.

Oh, how glamorous are the glass facades, regardless of whether it's glass, matte or absolutely transparent! One of the advantages of such facades is that they are very durable and do not crack at the slightest knock on them!

Glass facades for the kitchen are preferable – they are easier to keep clean. In addition, the doors with glass inserts visually expand the space of the small kitchen. And if you put bright dishes on such shelves, there will be an excellent home decor.

The design of the kitchen with glass facades looks very elegant, but I prefer the use of frosted glass. Then from other people's eyes it is hidden what is under the doors of your kitchen facades.

Glass buffets in the kitchen always give light and shine to the working environment. And the choice that is now available will not leave anyone without attention. I like the stained-glass doors, they look charming.

For me, the ideal and most preferable option is the frosted glass used in the design of kitchen cabinets. They give the interior a light note of mystery, because of its opacity. Sufficiently long keep the surface clean, but this is an important factor, especially in the kitchen.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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