Kitchens in cold colors: 20 stylish interiors


Kitchens in cold colors: simplicity and sophistication

If you are an enthusiastic cook, gourmet or just a person who dreams of having a comfortable and stylish kitchen to enjoy every minute of it, the kitchen in cold colors is your option. The kitchens presented in this article have not only a recognizable style, but also a simple beauty that is supported by clear lines, luxurious textures and cool, neutral tones.

The predominance of white in the interior

You do not need a lot of space to create a beautiful, modern kitchen. Just use white color as the basis of the decor. It visually expands the space and refreshes the interior.

Yellow accents in the form of the rear walls of cabinets and low apron provide the kitchen with an individual character

Designers often make the same mistake: they cover the cabinets with a tree. Because of this, the headset can seem heavy and cheap. Refuse this idea in favor of panels with a horizontal pattern.

The designer has selected the right shade and texture of the tree

The open layout of this two-storey apartment requires that the kitchen blends well with the design of the rest of the interior. White color helps to solve this problem.

Interior of a two-story house with a kitchen in white tones

In this solar kitchen, the island with through shelves deserves special attention. Thanks to this feature, the room seems bigger than it really is.

White color visually expands the space

Windows and inclined shelves give a special charm to the kitchen

Small kitchen in a monochrome palette

Small tricks to expand the kitchen space

Using various accessories, interesting color solutions and certain interior items will help you visually expand the space of the kitchen.

The carpet will allow to designate the boundaries of the dining room and kitchen without the construction of partitions or walls

A well-designed bar counter will enhance the functionality of the kitchen

The natural tree gives the kitchen a somewhat rustic look

Hexagonal shelves look playfully and unusually

The dining table is adjacent to the table top, which saves space

Even in a luxurious penthouse without a cozy dining table is indispensable

Unusual interior solutions for kitchens

We have already talked about saving space, and now we offer to discuss the kitchen in an unusual design. For example, this kitchen, which is part of the loft apartments, is decorated with gray cabinets and concrete floor, which allows it to fit into the industrial interior.

Kitchen in industrial design

Another island with its adjoining dining table is perfectly combined with elegant wooden panels on the walls.

A simple and beautiful kitchen in gray tones

White panels and open shelves are now in trend

This kitchen would seem gloomy, if not for the presence of bright accents in it. Designer fixtures clearly distinguish this interior from many similar ones.

A stylish space with a creative character

Sometimes designers refuse to use the kitchen island, because of what you can feel the need to expand the working space.

In this kitchen, on the other hand, there is much room for cultivation of culinary talents.

Two islands in the kitchen for a large family

White color and wood – the perfect combination for a modern kitchen

Would you decide to decorate the kitchen in cold colors, or does this idea not seem to you successful?

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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