Kitchens in black: the best design solutions in interior design


Kitchens of black color? Is it too gloomy? In the presented photos, the powerful aesthetic potential of the choice of this color solution in the interior design convincingly reveals and all doubts about its appropriateness are dispelled.

If you want to create an atmosphere of elegance and drama in your kitchen, then using a contrasting color palette will be an excellent solution. Black furniture, or "dark island" of the working surface among neutral shades – all this will make the room more elegant.

We suggest using the advice of specialists to change the design and make this claim color. Undoubtedly, black furniture makes the situation glamorous and exquisite.

Choosing the right lighting, you create not only a comfortable place, but also a creative, cozy atmosphere for those moments when you cook food for people close to you. If you decide to change furniture to change the general style or just want to refresh the look, then, of course, the option with a black color is worth trying.

Traditional cuisine: dark top and bright bottom

Whatever option you choose, modern or traditional, with the latest trends of design or emphasis on classics, the kitchen should always remain cozy and warm. It should be a place where you want to spend time.

Dark interiors with bright shimmering shades

When choosing shades harmoniously suited to such cabinets and stainless steel appliances, look at the yellow color. Bright, fresh and dynamic, this tone will certainly raise your mood. Use it in the upholstery of chairs, buy the same shade of a toaster or a coffee maker. These details will bring unexpected notes in a strict atmosphere and attract attention, and beautiful dishes will create a joyful atmosphere.

A natural golden covering of walls and ceilings made of wood will be an excellent reason to put black cabinets in the kitchen, especially if it has high-quality natural lighting. Admire how bright and vibrant colors change the situation, making it more comfortable, charming and modern.

Effective combination of black and yellow

Minimalist cabinet in the style of a shaker

Open kitchen with interior in natural shades

Minimalist dark cabinets, complementing the carefully selected image of the room, are an excellent way to create a masculine atmosphere. Natural colors, patterns and textures along with the original floor create an attractive and refined interior.

Furniture, facades, countertops and household appliances are part of a large hoax that makes the kitchen modern. Lighting also contributes to the overall result, so make sure that you know what effect you want to achieve in the end. For example, a star on the ceiling can focus on the openness of the kitchen, its social component, while the lights under the crossbar will create an intimate atmosphere.

Modern kitchen with a black table top

Attraction of attention by wall tiles and drawings

If black is still too radical for you, then try using dark-blue facades on the lockers. In the case where a long and narrow kitchen ends with a white wall, you can decorate it with a tile with a pattern. Such solutions will not only help save time and money, increase your creativity, but also make you more experienced.

On the other hand, if you like white walls, but the kitchen needs updating, then unusual stickers will be a good solution in this situation. Your love of nature can be an inspiring incentive for design – the silhouettes of flying birds on the walls will be the element that will balance the white walls and cabinets of dark color. You can also buy decorative dishes with beautiful patterns in tone to the furniture.

Drawing animates space

Flying birds are an unexpected element in the design

Black and white version

The combination of black and white colors can lead to completely different design options. For example, light cabinets and a dark kitchen island with a white table top create an interesting visual image.

In the example below, the table stands out with a white table top on black legs. Another way to create a black and white interior is when dark furniture is complemented by a light kitchen island, or vice versa – a dark island and white cabinets.

Light top and dark bottom

White classic kitchen with a black island and chairs

Integration of existing architectural elements

A special effect can be created using black design details that extend the visual appeal of existing architectural details, such as a stone wall, an arch or ceiling beams. Feel the industrial style allows metal elements and lanterns. All this together with the furniture of the night sky color creates a fantastic effect.

Stone arch in interior design

Spacious island kitchen

Strictness and style

Minimalist Cuisine

This is the perfect style for games with dark details – the tree looks amazing next to the black furniture and white walls, creating a nearly classic combination. Natural wood creates the necessary range of shades, and the dark wood deepens it.

Furniture in a simple style

Minimalism in design

Are you ready to use elements of this color in your kitchens?

Do not be afraid to experiment. It would seem that the black color for the kitchen does not fit, as a dark atmosphere will be created. But if you dilute the black with other shades, such as white, yellow or make a kitchen in gray tones, then the room will become stylish and at the same time cozy, where it will be pleasant to spend time.

Always liked the combination of black and white. In my opinion, the kitchens in such colors look especially attractive and exquisite. The main thing is to balance the balance and then the contrast of the colors will not cut your eyes. And to avoid excessive drama and give such a cozy kitchen will help colorful elements of decor.

Like dark interiors with bright screaming accents. Black classic cuisine is good, but you can dilute it with a mixture of different styles, then everything looks absolutely new! A combination of black and white – it's great! You can add yellow shades, pastel colors, wooden textures, brick walls – and you will not lose, everything will look original and in the theme!

Interesting photos of kitchens in black. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and then the interior of your kitchen will play with new bright colors. And in combination with wall tiles and drawings

the design will be unique.

The presented versions of the kitchens look mega-stylish. In my kitchen all appliances are black. It looks very good. The only thing I can say, is very visible traces of fingers and other various contaminants. Although with such a variety of detergent-cleaning agents this is not a problem.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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