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The kitchen is called the heart of the house, because this is the place where the whole family gathers. For a woman, the kitchen also becomes a workplace. According to statistics, housewives spend an average of four hours working in the kitchen. That is why the competent layout, functionality and aesthetics of furniture and equipment in the kitchen are so important.

Islet in the kitchen is a separate dining or working area.

Such a layout is currently considered the main trend of kitchen design. In addition to fashion trends, the kitchen with the island meets all the functionality requirements. A free approach to the island with any of the parties, as well as the ability to equip it at will provides convenience in handling and operation.

Location of an island in the kitchen

Kitchen with an island is an excellent solution for a spacious room. In order to avoid problems with movement, the island is recommended to be installed in a kitchen area of ​​at least fifteen square meters. In a small room, too, you can arrange an island, but in this case, almost no free space.

When creating a small kitchen interior, it should be borne in mind that:

  • The island should be maximally functional: it should unite the working and dining areas and arrange storage compartments for kitchen utensils;

  • To save space, the sill can be designed as a functional work surface;

  • In addition, the built-in furniture and appliances can also save space, and the table tops of the main headset or island can be foldable.

There are several parameters and rules for the location of the island, which were developed by experts according to ergonomics:

  • the length of the island should be 100 – 300 cm;
  • width: 50 – 150 cm;
  • height: 80 – 90 cm;
  • for comfortable work, the distance to other pieces of furniture must be at least one meter.

How to equip an island

One of the significant advantages of a kitchen with an island is the choice of functional, based on personal needs. There are several options for equipment of the island area:

  • as a kitchen cabinet: this option assumes the presence of a large number of boxes for storing kitchen utensils.

The work surface can be equipped with a sink or a hob.

  • dining area: in this case, the island is used exclusively as a dining table, and the working area can be included in the main kitchen set.

In this case, the island area can be designed as a bar counter.

  • combined version: the most optimal form of island functionality for small and medium-sized rooms. In this case, the island area is equipped with lockers and includes a working and dining area.

Kitchen Design

The shape of the island can be changed depending on individual preferences and the overall design of the kitchen. For example, clear rectangular shapes are well suited for high-tech styles, neoclassicism and minimalism. Smooth and rounded forms can be used in modern, classic and antique style.

Color solution

Choosing the color of the design of the kitchen is one of the most important stages of repair. It is proved that color affects the state of mind and working mood. Kitchen – one of the most visited premises in the apartment, so the color scheme for it should be chosen depending on the desired effect.

The main colors used in the interior:

  1. white: balances and visually expands the space, serves as an excellent background for combining other colors;
  2. black: the right proportions when applying this color can create the effect of luxury and presentability. Black color in the interior helps to increase concentration and efficiency;
  3. red: increases appetite and energizes;
  4. yellow: creates a feeling of warmth and sunlight, lifts the mood. Excellent choice for a kitchen located on the north side;
  5. green: helps to calm down and relax, relieves psychological stress;
  6. orange: increases the tone of the body, gives strength, increases appetite;
  7. pink: cold shades of this color charge with energy and concentrate attention, and warm – on the contrary, soothe and relax;
  8. brown: creates a feeling of coziness and comfort, creates a sense of security. This is one of the neutral colors, which can not be better suited to the classical style;
  9. blue: all shades of this color relax, balance and reduce appetite.

Lighting in the kitchen

For the kitchen with the island, special lighting is necessary. The functionality and convenience of working in the kitchen depend on how well each of the zones is correctly highlighted.

One of the best lighting options for the kitchen is the installation of hanging lamps over the island itself, and point ones – along the entire perimeter of the room.

Or vice versa, the main light is placed over the dining area.

Also, the spotlight can be used to highlight both zones. In this case, the use of identical laconic lamps will bring together the interior of the kitchen into a single harmonious composition.

Another advantageous option is a combination of hanging and spotlights in each of the zones.

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