Kitchen window design: we will make our kitchen a window to the big world!


The usual location of the battery under the window is typical for Russian flats and houses. We are used to this state of affairs and do not think how much more interesting and effective the kitchen would look if we put a washbasin under the window.

Such a layout, in general, is typical for country houses of Western countries. In addition to a fresh, unusual form, this arrangement of the hygiene zone has a lot of other positive moments.

For example, if you live outside the city, then during monotonous washing dishes you can enjoy beautiful pictures of nature. And in a city apartment you can admire the modern urban landscape, see how the summer melted sun flows smoothly for the silhouettes of high-rise buildings. If you think about it, it becomes obvious: the sink under the kitchen window is exactly what we so lacked in the interior!

Of course, the transfer of household communications in a city apartment is fraught with many problems, but it's worth it! Well, if you live in your own home, then the number of ideas for implementation can be limited only by your material possibilities.

A few inspirational ideas and some practical tips:

– If the window is not very high above the ground, it is possible to suggest a variant of combining the kitchen space with a bar in the yard with the help of a window opening with a sink located under it. It is very convenient for partying or simply gathering in the open air.

To prevent or at least minimize the impact of splashing from washing dishes on the glass, you must maximize the distance from the working area to the window with a wide window sill.

– If you put a few living house plants, you get a small arboretum.

  • There is nothing easier than to combine business with pleasure: in flower boxes it is possible to grow healthy herbs – parsley, dill, basil. Always at your fingertips will be seasonings for your favorite dishes.

– Mosquito net on the window frame will protect your house from bothersome insects, and you can fully enjoy the fresh air from the open flaps.

– If your kitchen is very small, then natural light will add to it a sense of spaciousness. In order to use every centimeter of the square with benefit, you can place several shelves directly in the window aperture.

– Storage tanks placed on a vertical bar – another way to maximize the use of useful space.

– Before installing the mixer on the sink, make sure that the shape of the faucet fits into the overall design and does not interfere with opening the window freely. The choice of various accessories in modern stores is quite extensive, so it is not difficult to choose a mixer of the right size and configuration. So, the crane with a sliding watering can is very functional and convenient to use.

– Curtains on the kitchen window, under which the sink is located, must necessarily be short, otherwise they will constantly get wet from the spray.

– Selecting bright fabrics for curtains, you will make the color accent on the window, thereby emphasizing its priority role in the overall design.

– A universal version of the curtains – Roman curtains. They perfectly protect from the bright rays of the summer sun, they are easily fixed at the right height and easy to care for.

When arranging the kitchen, think over its interior depending on your needs. From this will depend on the number of necessary utensils, the device racks and cabinets. Do not clutter the room with unnecessary technology and gadgets that you will never use. "Everything should be in moderation" is the motto of the optimal arrangement of any space.

– When selecting lighting, do not forget that the brightest areas to be covered are working areas – washing and countertops. And in the place where there is a dining table, the light should be a little muffled, matte.

– Using unusual design elements, for example, a luminaire on a thin chain in a glass sphere, be sure to pick up a couple of details that match the style and material of the performance.

– By decorating the kitchen using a white palette and adding to the interior the noble sheen of stainless steel, you will certainly make it an example of impeccable taste.

– If you are lucky and there is a corner window in the room, you will get a bonus in the form of plenty of natural light and maximum use of space under the sink, where you can store household trivia and different utensils.

– Putting on the shelves under the ceiling the most beautiful dishes, you will give the room an element of solemnity.

– To always enjoy an impeccable view from the window, keep in good order the front garden and wash the windows regularly.

– Large windows – this is a great dignity of the house, but in order to keep the cool cool in the midday summer heat, use the blinds.

– Unusual shape of the window aperture should not be covered with various objects (jars, boxes). The beauty of the non-standard element of the interior will emphasize the individuality of the kitchen.

– When planning placement of interior and household appliances, remember that the cooker should not be located under the window. An interesting solution: to arrange all the furniture along one wall.

– In small rooms it is preferable to use a L-shaped layout. In this case, both the working and dining areas can be accommodated compactly.

– In a narrow space with a window on the far wall, the best option would be a U-shaped scheme of furnishing.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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