Kitchen sinks from slate – a simple and stylish design solution for modern interior is gaining popularity


What material for the manufacture of kitchen sinks has recently gained popularity? Do not know what to make a sink in a freshly repaired kitchen? Look closely at the slate – a natural beautiful stone. It is durable, durable and has antibacterial properties. Manufacturers of kitchen sinks do not bypass this mineral due to its undoubted merits. Think, maybe this product was created just for you?

A successful solution

Most often bowls from this rock are installed in houses with farmer's design or having a country style interior. They create coziness in the house. The operating costs of such fonts are extremely low.

The cost of standard designs (75-90 cm) varies between 900 and 1 200 $. They, as a rule, made to order, based on the size of the room. To improve the appearance of the kitchen offer countertops located on the sides, made of the same material.


Each unit is unique and unique and fits perfectly into the style of the room. The stone is cut and hand-fitted. This provides strength and durability. In the photo – the only one of its kind with carved drawings.


The biggest disadvantage is the high cost of the stone. Shells from this finishing material can sometimes disrupt the aesthetic perception of the kitchen as a whole.

The right interior

With a competent design and installation, the kitchen becomes presentable and even chic. Maintain the chosen color of the dishwashing place with the rest of the furniture. We guarantee that you will fall in love with your original shell.

Panels from slate are non-porous, have antibacterial properties, strong, easy to clean. Detergents will not spoil the surface.

Characteristics of the finishing material

Natural slate does not change the structure when stretching and compressing, it is sufficiently resistant to humidity, which is very valuable for kitchen equipment. It is not uniform in appearance. The laminated structure of the stone gives it an amazingly beautiful appearance, which allows creating a variety of designs with a rich color scheme in the premises.

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