Kitchen-living room with a bar counter: original ideas for the interior


Recently, the bar is increasingly used in the interior of the kitchen, combined with the living room. If earlier it was something amazing and unusual, now it is an indispensable attribute in many apartments. Initially, it was used only as an element of decor and interior in the West, but over time it became widely used in our country.

The main difference lies in the fact that in the countries of America the bar counter corresponds to its name and is used for the main functional purpose – the preparation of drinks and cocktails, their drinking. On the territory of the Russian Federation, she is more interested in people as a small dining table that can fit into a small kitchen. Also, the rack is often used as an element of the interior, for zoning space and perfect appearance, but not for its intended purpose.

Choose the best place

Depending on the location of the bar, you can identify its main types:

  • Stand against the wall. This element of the interior is installed along the wall or under the window. Well suited for a kitchen with a small space, which will save valuable meters. This rack is able to replace the kitchen table, if the sills are located high, then the rack can be combined with them. As a result, the useful surface will increase, and during lunch it will be possible to contemplate the view from the window.
  • Combined. This option is the best and most used in the domestic kitchen. The working kitchen surface is combined with the bar counter and slowly flows into it. In this case, the construction has an "F" -shaped shape (in rare cases, "P" -shaped).
  • Island. The best option for a large kitchen-living room. Such a rack may contain a cooking surface or a working space, while completely changing its main functional purpose.
  • Partition. Also a popular option for a kitchen-living room, capable of zoning space, separating the recreation area from the kitchen.

An important nuance is lighting. Regardless of the type and type of partition, it must have individual lighting. Due to the spotlights, the partition will better zonate the room, create an interesting highlight in the design of the kitchen-living room.

Used materials and dimensions of the rack

In most cases, the height of the bar count varies from one meter to 120 centimeters. In order to be able to conveniently handle the preparation of food, cooking or using it, the width of the rack should be from 50 centimeters and more. It should be borne in mind that when eating food, the counter should accommodate not only dishes with food, but also a plate, cutlery. In order to conveniently sit behind the counter, you need to use special kitchen chairs with backrests or stools on high legs. The advantage of many models will be the ability to adjust the height. Thus, for each person you can choose the optimal height given his personal growth and other nuances.

For the manufacture of the bar, various materials can be used, such as the cheapest and affordable pocket of each, and expensive, exclusive. Various wood species, chipboard, plastic or metal can be used as raw material. Also a popular material is a stone, it can be both natural and artificial. In some cases, a bar stand made of gypsum board or glass is made, in addition there may be combined variants.

As a stand decor, different materials can also be used, but often they use tiles, stone or bricks. When decorating, you need to take into account the configuration of the rack, its main purpose and location, besides it is important that it fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen-living room, creating a single picture.

If you give preference to quality and long service life, you should pay special attention to such natural stones as quartz, marble and granite. However, there is a shortage of such materials – their high price, however, it is worth noting that it is worth it. If there is not a lot of money, but you want to use externally qualitative material, then marble can be replaced with corian, it is externally identical, but the price is much lower. Wood is also a good material, the service life is less, but the tree is able to bring a zest to the interior and give the stylistics a special status with pronounced lines.

The use of a bar in the kitchen with limited space

At first it may seem that in the kitchen, where there is almost no free space, the bar counter will become superfluous and inappropriate, but this is not so. In a small kitchen, it is a kind of find, also ideal for people living without children or for those who live alone. This element of the interior can be used as a dining table, and as a bar for evening gatherings with friends for delicious cocktails.

Advantages of using a bar in a small kitchen:

  • Saving space due to small dimensions, chairs can easily be hidden under the rack and free up a couple more additional square meters.
  • If the rack is equipped with shelves, then you can store kitchen items and accessories, hide dishes or other trifles used here.
  • It is best to use a rack that will be combined with the work surface and be its logical continuation.

Even small rooms can organically fit a two-meter kitchen with two or three chairs. This option is enough to accommodate several people here. In a small kitchen it is better to use laconic compact furniture (for example, transparent plastic chairs) that will not allow loading space.

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