Kitchen-living room: actual design ideas in 2018 year


To pull the partition between the room and the kitchen is a simple matter. From the resulting disorder, it is now necessary to create a new world. The options for combining the mass, because the same kitchen space can be fenced off, hidden, raised, highlighted, emphasized or mixed.

Indeed, the combination of the kitchen with the living room is a popular design. On the pros and cons of this decision written a lot of articles, so we will not go into this in detail, but immediately see what design experiments will be relevant in 2018 year.

The layout of the kitchen-living room

Kitchen-living room design with zoning

Semitransparent sliding partitions, without overloading space, will solve the problem of smells coming from the kitchen.

Kitchen set as a barrier

An excellent variant of zoning – when the lower part of the kitchen itself is a barrier itself. U-shaped or L-shaped layout allows you to place part of the headset perpendicular to one of the walls, thus forming a partition.

Kitchen-living room with breakfast bar

Another way of zoning is with the help of a bar counter. Want to make the design more airy – cut the number of legs. The best option is one solid support.

Another practical solution in the separation of the living room and kitchen is to create an island. This layout allows you to comfortably organize the space.

This is perhaps the most logical idea of ​​zoning, especially for small rooms. The design in the form of a bar counter or an island will only take away the useful area, and a compact neat little table is just right. It can be round, oval or rectangular – to your taste.

Label the border with a sofa

The sofa, deployed back to the kitchen area – an excellent solution, which does not require any additional tricks. After all, the sofa in most cases – the main object of the living room. So why not use it as a wall? A great idea for small rooms.

Rules for mixing zones

Separation of the room by functions can afford only happy owners of spacious rooms. Interaction of functional zones is an optimal strategy for small areas.

If you have any 10 meters at your disposal, then there is no time to divide into zones – put a sofa with a coffee table in front of the kitchen facades, instead of a dining table or a bar counter. You can balance the space with the built-in wardrobe with contrast niches, where you can store both clothes, books, and kitchen accessories.

Do I need to allocate kitchen furniture in the connected room to the living room or, conversely, make it invisible? Both options are eligible for implementation. In the first case, a bright, original kitchen set is selected, which will be an obvious dominant that attracts the eye. Of course, such an effective design will require good taste and professional skills of an experienced specialist.

Kitchen-living room: choose style in 2018 year

When arranging furniture for the kitchen and living room, consider that you are equipping one space, so it is important to withstand the style. Even eclecticism or other expressive design should affect both areas.

In 2018 the most relevant are the styles that are close to minimalism: high-tech, oriental, modern.

If you like luxury, and the dwelling differs with enough free space, feel free to choose a loft or classics. But keep in mind the classic style is not too harmonious will look technical innovations, so it is better to hide the technique, hiding it behind the beautiful wooden facades.

The warmth of the Provence will also not be left without attention in 2018 year.

Ideas for the kitchen-living room

Color of kitchen-living room

All the same naturalness is the key factor when choosing a fashionable color for the kitchen-living room, so all sorts of wood colors remain in the priority. In the natural concept, the restrained olive, milk, chocolate, coffee will perfectly fit. The noble gray scale is still in trend, as is the contrast of black and white. A bright accent can be added with the help of blue, cherry, yellow, red.

Next is an interesting photo collection of kitchen-living room of different squares, as well as examples of design in private houses and standard apartments.

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