Kitchen islands for small kitchens: good examples, useful tips, interesting comments


The decoration of the kitchen interior is one of the most difficult tasks, if we talk about the design of the house, therefore, trying to avoid financial and time waste, many decide to abandon such a useful element as a kitchen island. We believe that depriving yourself of the pleasure of possessing such a comfortable and beautiful piece of furniture should not under any circumstances.

And even a compact space has all the chances to acquire a functional kitchen island, if you correctly calculate its dimensions and think about the location. The placement of a narrow, elongated shape is a fairly common option, which in some ways is even preferable in terms of design.

Many of you already know the notion of a "working triangle" (the top of which is a stove, a sink and a refrigerator), someone deals with it every day. This is a very convenient configuration that facilitates the kitchen life due to the fact that the distances between the main functional areas in it are minimized. However, today we will talk about a fundamentally different kind of planning, involving the placement of a compact island in the center of the interior.

Model in all senses subtle

This photo perfectly illustrates the topic of our discussion. For the interior of the gallery type, a very narrow island was developed, which made it possible to maintain the optimal width of the passages. In such a kitchen, most likely, it will not be very convenient to work together, but here everyone sets priorities for himself.

Stylish optimization

Rough and absolutely square construction on this photo is an island, made to order from restored wood. In this case, it seamlessly merges with the rest of the design – with respect to both style and finish. Having made a choice in favor of this design, you should carefully correlate the size of the ordered island with the dimensions of space, so that in the future it does not turn into an annoying hindrance.

Indeed, a too large model, given its square shape, will prevent free movement, and a small one will not be able to give what you expect of it. To improve the functionality of the island, from the very beginning decide what exactly you will store in it and what you will use for it. The combination of large and small boxes, complemented by open shelves, seems incredibly practical and suitable for everyone.

Non-standard solutions

Although in this case, the deficit of square meters is not talking, but a portable island, impressive with its exquisite and compact design, can not be ignored in our conversation about small kitchens. Its main feature is a round shape that excludes the possibility of collisions with sharp corners. Stunning performance and delicious chocolate color make this model a real star among kitchen islands of the size of "mini".

Creative ideas

Below is demonstrated a simple and effective way of decorating the kitchen. In the appearance of a perfectly laconic at first glance, the island still has deliberately rough and massive details. These features help to create a visual balance in the interior, not allowing it to become boring. Despite the compact size, this kind of island can be very functional.

An interesting approach

Still, it's great to see so many differently shaped and shaped islands to understand what an ideal must look like! And how do you find this unexpected interpretation of the concept of compact design? On the functionality of this image says no more than a couple of words, but loudly declares the style and aesthetics.

The first thing that catches your eye – the color palette of the island has nothing to do with the environment, but its interaction with the interior is undeniable: steel elements and longitudinal strips guarantee this.

Increased usability

A small but functional island has no more than 30 cm in width, but it is a useful addition thanks to the oven and drawers integrated into its structure. The bevelled corners are one of the evidences of a well thought out and balanced design, developed taking into account all the space requirements.

Complete merger

This island is an example of combining aesthetics and functionality. Very deep shelves, equipped in the side surface of the base, can be used for a variety of purposes, up to the installation of household appliances. The magnificent table top demonstrates such a spectacular drawing that the designers decided not to include any ornaments in the decor, so as not to cause dissonance.

Unsurpassed classics

The design of the island presented in the photo is as close as possible to the image of a full-fledged piece of furniture with appropriate elements and accessories. Of special attention, of course, deserves the unexpected color of its foundation – reddish-brown. We do not insist that this interior and this island can be called compact, but I want to say that the idea of ​​such design is quite adaptable to spaces with different characteristics.

A sample of modern style in a compact design

To an island of such a design could act as a bar counter, the edges of its countertops should extend beyond the base so that no one is uncomfortable because the knees rest against the side surface. The owners of the house decided not to deny themselves the pleasure of using an additional sink.

Bid on the contrast

It seems that the designers in this case have foreseen everything. This island looks expensive and stylish, and does not even try to merge with the environment. The main purpose of the model is to carry out the functions of the dining area, for which a mini fridge for drinks and a microwave oven have been integrated into its design. The outlines of the countertop emphasize the classic shape of carved legs.

Cozy dining area

In conclusion – another noteworthy example of an ultra-compact island, designed this time in a single design with the rest of the kitchen environment. Since sitting next to it is not very convenient, the designers have provided for an additional low table, built into one of the side surfaces of the base. Fit for him can only one person, who, apparently, should be the one who cooks food and decided to relax with a book and a cup of tea, while waiting for the timer to work.

Deficiency of the area is always a challenge for the designer, connected with the need to think over everything – everything – layout, dimensions, equipment. If in your kitchen there is at least a tiny piece of free space, be sure to use it to install the island, even if it is very compact.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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