Kitchen island with a table – an ergonomic design solution combines the advantages of a progressive layout and an ordinary table


Living room with kitchen island is a popular feature that allows you to use the available space multitasking. But often under the countertop there is practically no legroom, there are storage systems. Perhaps there is no such person who would never hit his knees, sitting down on a stool near the island.

The modern kitchen island, which is designed with an integrated dining table from one side, is much more convenient, but you still need to consider several aspects to calculate adequate foot space. You have the opportunity to see several options for arranging the dining area.

This simple metal base adds one more modern element to the room (as in the photo above). Open performance, which does not interfere with the legs from the sides and sides, looks easy and corresponds to the thin profile of the kitchen countertop. Everyone sitting at the table has enough space for comfortable accommodation.

Here is another basic version of the annex to the kitchen island, not limited to the sides and at the end. This arrangement provides enough space for the legs of the people sitting opposite each other. The design of the heavy base supporting the dining console corresponds to the weight of the countertop and is much more suitable than the open and light design.

The layout of a room with a modern symmetrical view requires an appropriate island. It was designed in a simple and concise manner, without any cabinets. Heavy legs of the table give him a visual weight, and also protects those sitting from possible collisions.

Look carefully, and you can see that this desk top made of wood is easily supported by a mirror base. The size and design of such a foundation depends on the shape and weight of the countertop, and its mirroring creates a feeling of hovering in the air.

In this traditional kitchen there is a round dining table in the "royal" style. But you can easily find similar furniture, made in different styles. Around such a center of attraction can be collected by the household, without bumping into each other at the same time.

The basis of this original kitchen table is a tree, but thanks to the oval shape it looks lighter than its counterparts with sharp corners. It is also a good way to visually lighten the size of a piece of furniture of a large area.

When you plan your dining room, remember that a very cumbersome surface material, such as the marble shown in the photo, will require sustained support from below. You need to be completely sure that you have correctly calculated the width of the base in relation to the dimensions of the table top.

The laconic design of the base creates a beautiful and simple support for the upper part of the island. You just need to make sure that the total length of the product is enough to accommodate chairs or chairs on the sides, because on the one hand, the opportunity to seat someone will not.

The beautiful wooden foundation of this island serves not only as a functional support, but also as a sculptural element of design, which gives the room a special charm. The slender V-shaped base provides a good support for the table top and allows the sitting people not to touch each other's knees.

Before you is an option that is difficult to call simple. In fact, it's a floating console. This unique table model is perfectly combined with the overall laconic interior styling.

Perhaps, in our country they rarely do kitchens with an island, just because it's difficult to design a space for a dining area. Here everything is designed with talent, beauty and practicality. The third and the ninth kitchen in general, some just absolutely incredible the same))

Yes, interesting design solutions for dining tables. For such options, very spacious kitchens are needed. The table is very interesting – without legs at all! Any chairs fit it.

I liked the idea of ​​a kitchen island, which is combined with a dining table. I even more like it than if the kitchen island was separate, looks very stylish and modern.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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