Kitchen island – the rational use of space against the fashion trend


In many houses of the world, one of the fashion trends has become a kitchen island in the interior of the kitchen, in the center of the room is a functional table or a cabinet with a working surface. But how successful is this decision? Is not it better to leave space free? We will try to answer these questions with the help of this article.

An outdated kitchen can have a right to exist if it is functional. The family kitchen from Minnesota – with old furnishings, poor lighting and lack of a working area and dishwasher – required immediate intervention by professionals!

Designers Jen Ziemer and Andrea Dixon have solved all the burning issues by cardinal re-planning of the premises. This move allowed to organize the workspace competently, expanding it and increasing its functionality.

Updated materials and a properly selected color palette allowed to refresh the kitchen, preserving the classic style in the interior.

Who lives here: couple with two children and a dog.

The kitchen was in the corner of the house and was connected only with the dining room. The owners really wanted the layout to be more traditional. But the designers had a different opinion: Ziemer and Dixon expanded the dining room and made access to two rooms from there.

Three-color vinyl tiles harmoniously formed into a pattern reminiscent of a warm house plaid. The cost of modern flooring fits into the budget, and the drawing itself fell to the owners of the house to their liking. The floors were made with heating.

Despite the fact that for many years in the design of kitchens there was a kind of evolution, designers flatly refused to fashion the island. It was possible to organize an additional storage system for utensils and table trifles, while retaining enough free space, so that all members of the family could stay here without interfering with each other.

Before the repair, the location of the kitchen dictated to all residents of the house a strictly defined route of travel – from the dining room to the backyard and back. Thanks to the design work to change the layout of the "routes" have become much more diverse.

All original windows were kept – except for a small adjustment. To add natural light, widened the rear wall of the window and removed a few upper cabinets. By increasing the depth of the boxes it was possible not only to conveniently place all kitchen utensils, but also to facilitate access to it.

The microwave oven is set at such a level that each member of the family can use it without hindrance – with the possible exception of a dog.

A secluded corner stand slightly protrudes from the cabinets – this allows you to slightly increase the "useful" area. A convenient shelf is designed for storing cookbooks and collections of recipes – so that the hostess always has everything at hand.

In addition, now in the kitchen there is a special place for storing cutting boards and trays. Nearby is a dishwasher – a real paradise for the wife and mother, who often have to wash dishes for the household.

Prior to the intervention of designers, the kitchen was gray and dull. Her appearance was spoiled by outdated furniture and household appliances. Customers wanted to see a new, but simple image – and they got it.

The new palette, which was used for finishing, refreshed the room, made it lighter and more spacious. Vintage accessories, which the family did not want to part with, brought a zest to the interior.

Glossy tiles on the walls and the surface of the cabinets reflect light, thereby brightening and expanding the kitchen. Lamps reminiscent of library, very much help in the dark. Lighting all the working surfaces, they fill the room with heat and make cooking more pleasant.

Simplicity and brevity of the presented design proves once again that it is not always worth pursuing fashion, because very often your own style is much better than various designer novelties. Staying true to yourself and your ideals, you can get a result that will warm your soul and delight the eye every day.

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