Kitchen island on rollers: a mobile miracle, combining form and functionality


Modern kitchen – it's aesthetics, ergonomics and heat, combining together. Today there are still many kitchen items that seem to be stuck in the past, but traditions are often replaced by creative solutions that make life easier.

A mobile kitchen island is one of those additions that can become much more popular than it is now. It just combines efficiency and elegant design, and is also a convenient helper, making the kitchen cozy, and the kitchen worries – pleasant.

The source of inspiration for the development of such an island was the trolley on wheels, used in commercial and large modern kitchens. It is a stylish and functional object, various design options which allow each owner of the house to choose the right one. Islets fit into any interior design, given the style, color scheme, layout features – in short, everything that your kitchen consists of. You can even say that it is an island that brings a zest to it.

Design idea Dalia Kitchen Design

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Design Idea Banks Design Associates, LTD & Simply Home

Design idea Josh Partee – Architectural Photographer

Design idea from Nathan Cuttle Design

Design idea Josh Partee – Architectural Photographer

Small and effective

When it comes to choosing it, attention should be paid to form and functionality, which should be taken into account especially if you have a compact kitchen. Depending on the layout and what "duties" will be assigned to it, it is necessary to determine the above parameters.

If the room is long and narrow, there is little space between the walls, then the perfect option is a rectangular and concise one. The interior of the kitchen of a small square well accommodates a square, with lots of boxes for storing different items.

Explore this house in Vancouver

When choosing a kitchen island design on wheels, pay attention to the usual shapes in terms of style, size and proportions. In the case of the mobile version, it is important to take into account its functions – in fact, it is likely to still play the role of a serving table. If this is the case, then easy trolley with closed shelves is an ideal solution.

Teri Fotheringham Photography Design Idea

Design idea of ​​Leone Design Studio

Lisa Wolfe Design Design Idea

Whipple Design Idea – Callender Architects

Expressive modern design

An island with a lock of rotary wheels should not be a simple cart that serves several purposes. Modern designers come up with some amazing full-fledged islands that are intricate and complex, like those that do not have wheels, and still offer you many functions when it comes to driving.

Its countertop is no less important feature, it defines the appearance and draws special attention. When choosing a material, stop at something similar to your designer dining table, or kitchen shelves, to create a consistent and pleasant atmosphere.

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Design Idea ZeroEnergy Design

Design idea The Tamarind Group

Lighting is definitely a key factor in the formation of your kitchen, so make sure that you have the right combination of directional and diffused light for this piece of furniture. Those who plan to use such an island in the dining area should consider the different needs for each of the tasks. Using lamps with a dim option and a smart suspension, you can get what you want without much fuss.

Design Idea Petrick Architecture

Design Idea by Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

The Siemasko + Verbridge design idea

Creative combination of style

Undoubtedly, this addition is a fashionable option, modern, but even more magnificent it will look in the kitchens in country, industrial and farmhouse style.

Because it owes its origin to the industrial type of premises, it will not be difficult for you to find something in common that unites it with your design. For example, a stainless steel rack filled with copper dishes is a fine industrial kitchen.

Kerr Construction Design Idea

Design Idea Moo Architects & Building Designers

Design idea Kimberley Bryan Photographers

Turan Designs Design Idea

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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