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Best modern kitchen island ideas of design

Kitchen islands have several destinations. In addition, that the kitchen island is a visual center for decorating the room, it also helps to increase the efficiency and functionality of the kitchen interior.

Depending on the kitchen island designs, it can have many destinations. Sometimes it even acts as one of the tops of the so-called “working triangle”, which includes a stove, a sink and a refrigerator. However, the installation of these elements in the center of the room requires special communication, which is not always possible, especially in multi-storey buildings.

Typically, the island is used as a countertop – due to the height. In addition, it can completely or partially replace the dining area. To fit a number of chairs, the curbstone should be devoid of side panels. Often, an island detail of the interior is made in the form of a bar counter, which allows you to maximally save square meters of the kitchen and visually delineate space.

Do not forget that the island in the territory of the kitchen is intended not only for the preparation of food, but also for their preparation. Successfully matched chairs can also form a dining area.

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