Kitchen island design: ideas of a stylish layout with photos of interiors


Design kitchen island in a classic style

Choosing a kitchen island design is not an easy task for scrupulous owners. Before deciding to install it, designers Thomas Ahmann and Steve Iustrich suggest asking themselves six major questions.

1. Why do you need a kitchen island?

Kitchen islands can be used for cooking or as a dining area. Which zone is more important for you? If the worker, then on the island should be enough space for the sink and household appliances. If the island is used only for meals, then more attention should be paid to places for sitting.

Kitchen island with open shelves

2. Decide which devices you need

If you have a large kitchen and the refrigerator is far from the island, then its small copy built into the island will perfectly fit into the design. If there is a hob on the table, select a place for the hood. Next to the sink will be required and the installation of a dishwasher. Arrange your wishes in priority order.

Kitchen island in the classical style

3. Do you need extra storage?

This option depends on the layout of your kitchen. If the kitchen has enough cupboards and boxes for storing utensils, then you can not consider the kitchen island as an additional storage space.

Kitchen island with shelves for storage

4. Determine the height of the pillars

The design of the kitchen island can be two-tiered: the working area is set on the lower tier, and the dining area on the upper tier.

Kitchen island design: upper tier – bar counter, lower – working area

5. Is the kitchen island suitable for the general style of the kitchen?

Make sure that the design of the kitchen island will be combined with the rest of the room.

Kitchen with an island in a light palette

6. Do you need the services of a designer?

"The design of the island can be designed by anyone who has a sense of proportion and taste. However, the services of a designer or architect should be used, especially when it comes to a kitchen island, as the main accent in the interior of the kitchen, "says Thomas Ahmann.

Kitchen island as the main element of the interior

Do you think that a kitchen island is necessary for every hostess? Share your opinion in the comments!

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