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The window is necessary in the kitchen, as well as in any other room, tk. The lighting of the sun plays a very important role in the design of any room. Natural sunlight penetrates into the room and dissipates, which makes the kitchen more lively and warm. As for the design, in the overwhelming majority of cases it boils down to the fact that the window has a table or a sink.

If the kitchen is small

The interior design of a kitchen with a window can be very diverse, depending on how the window is located, and also what dimensions the kitchen itself has. The most effective and stylish option is to place the kitchen along the window and thereby make it more harmonious, however, in Russia this method is not widely used, although it is very functional, because in this way additional square meters are used. Especially good for kitchens with a small area, even if it is six to seven square meters. In this case, the window will be its main advantage. Expand the countertop and increase the working area can be at the expense of the window sill. With this option, it is not boring to be engaged in cooking, glancing at the window, and not looking at the blank wall.

In modern buildings quite often there are car-shaped narrow kitchens, in which the only correct solution is to place the kitchen set along the window. The design can again be different. For example, the location of a shell right under the window is no less spectacular. In addition, it perfectly disguises the batteries. By the way, about batteries. There are several ways to hide them:

  • The first way is to abandon them altogether and make a warm floor by placing a window bar near the window, which will be very appropriate there;
  • The second way suggests moving the batteries to another wall, being very expensive, but it's worth it, because The released place can be very skillfully beaten;
  • the third way is what has already been said, namely, to place the sink directly under the window, and to hide the batteries in a box, in this case a transfer of communications is required, but for a specialist this will not be a problem;
  • the fourth method involves the demolition of a part of the wall in order to simply drown the battery

Also it should be remembered that as the decor of small kitchens with the placement of a sink under the window, you can only use indoor flowers, blinds or short curtains. Everything else will look like a heap of the interior.

If the kitchen has two or more windows

The design of the kitchen with the presence of two windows can also be different. The most stylish and modern solution for designers is to leave windows without any finishing, but only to choose bright frames. Although, you can apply Roman curtains, which easily rise, thereby making the room unusually light. And if with space in general there are no problems and this is a private house where the kitchen has two or even three windows, you can safely afford to decorate the room with large decorative curtains.

Since two windows literally "eat" a large part of the space, its design should be used as much as possible. An excellent option will be high columns that can be made even up to the ceiling and in which a lot of necessary things will fit, including home appliances. If the ceilings are high, you can also use a small depth mezzanine.

If the kitchen corner with a window

If you competently approach the design of such a kitchen, you can achieve the effect of a visual increase in space. Especially if the room has a non-standard shape, at which the length is much larger than the width. In this scenario, it is also appropriate to wash at the window, masking the batteries.

If the corner kitchen windows are located on different walls, then an angle is formed between them, in which you can perfectly place a small corner cabinet. And you can, for example, place the plasma panel of the TV here or simply make open shelves.

Increasingly popular became the use of kitchen sets, in which the radius changes, which allows you to make separate zones of greater depth.

Corner kitchen – the best solution for small rooms, for example, for such as in the Khrushchev. In addition, the corner-shaped set contributes to the creation of a working triangle, which contains all the most necessary and necessary for household affairs, namely, a sink and hob – everything that should always be in the access zone. And if you install furniture by the window, then this will be the most optimal solution. In order for the kitchen set to best fit in the interior, it is advisable to make it to order, according to your interior. As a material, natural wood is usually used, as well as plastic, MDF or chipboard. Wooden structures are very respectable and noble looking and are particularly expensive. Often, glossy or mirror surfaces or simply light pieces of furniture are no less effective.

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