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Planning a new interior in your apartment, you always want the room to become more airy, saturated with color and light, and also as comfortable as possible. Scandinavian style is suitable for the realization of these desires in the best possible way.

That's why he has more and more fans in our country. This trend in recent years is very popular in the design of kitchen interiors.

Especially well this style manifests itself in the transformation of small rooms, as here it reveals one of its main properties – visually increase space.

Here are the main characteristics of the Scandinavian style in the kitchen interior.

Color palette of walls

Under the basic scale of the Scandinavian style is meant light sand tones, beige, white, light brown, pale gray and soft blue hues. The kitchen interior in such design always looks most advantageous in the struggle for the expansion of space. Most often in the design of the walls you can see the white color in its pure form or slightly shaded by other colors.


For a given style, a characteristic feature is the manifestation of minimalism, which is expressed in the number of objects: everything only the most necessary, nothing superfluous. The furniture is made of natural materials, for example wood with an open texture pattern. We use woven inserts or glass and metal elements as decorative elements.

Stresses the restrained beauty of minimalism the abundance of straight lines in the kitchen set.

In the Scandinavian style, white is the most important. He defines the color of furniture in the kitchen interior. As a rule, preference is given to a bright white snow.

Here is another very interesting feature: it was the Scandinavian style that introduced us to bar counters and small tables, which are very convenient for dinner in a small company. In interiors made in this direction, you can often find such cute little pieces of furniture.

Kitchen apron

When decorating interior design in the Scandinavian style, as a rule, the apron and furniture are executed in one color – white. In the same shade, the walls are also painted. The surface of the apron of the working area is often decorated with tiles with brick texture. Perhaps the design and wall panels, imitating a tree. In the Scandinavian style, designers have more freedom in choosing aprons for the work area, so you can find even a mosaic of ceramics in its decoration.


The design of kitchens and rooms is characterized by a mixture of different styles in lighting. In one room you can see almost all the variety of lighting devices: from chandeliers in the center and framing with spots to floor or suspended floor lamps. With this approach, the entire room is simply permeated with light, regardless of the time of day.

Perhaps, such "light eclecticism" appeared due to the poor illumination of the northern regions for most of the year. It seems that it is also in connection with this that Scandinavian style is also not typical for

In the design of the floor covering in this direction, a cold palette of paints is used. Any finishing material, for example a parquet board made of natural wood, will have a cool light shade. Often used for a floor also a laminate, imitating a tree, although one can also find tile or granite tiles of light tones.

Sometimes it is necessary to see, in contrast to the basic white color, a rather dark floor covering or even black.


Kitchen interior, made in the Scandinavian style, looks very fresh and elegant due to a wide variety of accent details in the decor. These are traditional colorful rugs, tablecloths, furniture covers and soft cushions.

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