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Kitchen interior ideas: a barrel table

Resourceful hosts do not throw away unnecessary things, but use them to realize their own ideas for decorating the kitchen. The old wine barrel, which turned into an original table, perfectly complements the interior. The diameter of the barrel is small, so even in this compact kitchen, she found a place.

Splash of color

This author's wardrobe is a favorite element of the spouses from Massachusetts. The shelves are narrow, the circles on either are placed only in one row, so the entire collection is visible. The frames of the glazed doors of the locker are made of boards from the old porch. A cunningly hidden pantry is another object of pride of this resourceful couple.

Contrast details

Jenny from New York painted the wall of her kitchen in a bright orange color, pasted a bright oilcloth as a kitchen apron. With the consent of the landlord, she also replaced the original linoleum. A collection of bright bottles with soda, decorating mezzanine cabinets, makes the color palette even brighter.

Drawers and work space

Phyllis Frank loves to bake, so she asked a carpenter's friend to make a sliding compartment with a closed top for her kitchen headset. The order was fulfilled, and additional work surfaces appeared in the kitchen.

Adrien from Dallas used zinc handles designed for garage doors, as decorations for cabinets in the kitchen set. Apron made of perforated plywood complements this unusual author's style.

Necessary unnecessary

The designer of this loft in Pittsburgh has made a table of parts of the old flooring of the bowling alley. How do you like this idea?

Fresh farmer style

The peculiarity of this classic cuisine is an open shelving and a combination of natural and painted surfaces. Finishing materials: concrete, copper and various types of wood. The windows and doors are painted in bold colors; curtains, curtains and appliances contrast with white walls and lower cabinets.

Vertical storage racks

The owner of the farmhouse, located in the vicinity of New York, did not hesitate to use the entire vertical space of the kitchen as a storage place. So we had the opportunity to see her entire collection of baskets, pots and decorative plates.

We really liked these unusual ideas for the kitchen, and you? Tell us, what did they inspire you? Surely some of them will suit your kitchen.

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