Kitchen interior details: 10 budget ways to create a kitchen with a twist


Kitchen interior details can change the aesthetics of space beyond recognition, make it warm and cozy or restrained and cool. Well thought out design trifles – effective elements of decor. Attach colorful tiles over the sink, hang the original lamp to change the mood of the room.

We have collected several ideas on how to make the kitchen cozy with kitchen utensils. Most of the solutions below, each of which costs less than $ 50, will be suitable for families even with very modest incomes. This article is part of the Lowe's information cycle. Never stop cultivating.

1. Specially painted dishes

This inspirational set is found in Brooklyn Limestone, the creative work was performed as a decoration for Halloween. The inscriptions were borrowed from the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Use this idea for any event. How to do it? Get some porcelain plates, a pen and adhesive tape. You can start copying text where and how you like. The result is fantastic.

2. Painted wooden utensils

If you have some free time and desire to add brightness to the work area, then this idea can be easily realized. Use a special paint for painting on wood. Color the spoons, forks, shoulder blades with all the colors of the rainbow. The colorful kitchen appliances will give a good mood to any mistress.

3. Drawing simple templates for modern design

Porcelaine 150 markers can be of great help when reconstructing your dishes. In the two examples above, surprisingly light patterns of painting are given. You do not need to have talent, you do not need any artistic skills, only simple and intelligent thoughts that anyone can fulfill. A set of plates and mugs can be bought in IKEA. After applying the images, place the beautiful dishes in the oven for 35 minutes at 300 degrees. This procedure will make the design permanent.

4. Knitted clothes

Do you like knitting? Pay attention to the original tiny "clothes" that do not serve for any serious practical purposes (except that you can keep a mug with a hot drink, without being afraid to burn yourself), but they look pretty nice. Here is a practical guide to how to make your own "tea wardrobe." On the same principle, think of a warm blouse for a brewer.

5. Containers made of glass and wood

These materials are harmoniously combined, so why not use wood to revitalize glassware in your kitchen? These jars can be found here. If you are interested in such accessories for the kitchen, then with a little effort this option is successfully implemented at home.

6. Dishes with an eye

Let's say this set does not look very friendly, but, nevertheless, it causes emotions. In addition, it is not intended for everyday use, but only for the purpose of frightening particularly impressionable guests. Discovered this creative idea on the site of Martha Stewart, "The service with the eyes" can be easily reproduced at home. All you need is a picture with an eye, serving items, a flat brush and glue.

7. Transformation of an old tray

Such a wonderful and simple DIY project was found here. It really is a good addition to our topic. Initially, the tray must be sanded, and then painted with an artistic tape. Variants of the drawing can be different – anything that comes to mind. The process and result of your creation is sure to please.

8. Bright solution

Enamelled dishes Cathrineholm stands out thanks to the beautiful image of the lotus and bold saturated colors. Although the Norwegian company was closed in 1970, its products are still popular nowadays, and something can even be bought here.

Why not take advantage of such an interesting idea?

9. Plates for decorating walls

If you like painted plates, then you just need to find them use in decorating the environment! Create unusual shapes from a group of such trifles on the wall of your kitchen or even the living room (as in the photo below). Funfully decorated surfaces will look quite original.

10. Kettles and mugs instead of flower pots

The last tip will add a fresh touch to your luxurious interior design. Use a few teapots and mugs to create magnificent flower compositions. Whether you choose a simple variant of placing colors in a single-colored set of coffee cups, or a little more difficult – to paint some instances in bright colors, the effect will always be spectacular.

Dear readers, if you know of other interesting kitchen projects, share them, leaving a comment below!

A good idea with a list of plates, you can give even for the holidays, cute, economical and stylish. I must tell my mother to tie a blouse for mugs and a teapot .

For a long time I dreamed of plates on the walls, it's time to start decorating the kitchen

Painted plates saw in the interior of a restaurant of traditional cuisine – it looks pretty nice. Like spoons and other appliances with painted handles – such a small rainbow in the kitchen. And teapots in the form of pots for flowers just struck me, I did not expect such a decision!

A good article that surprised with its simplicity. Yes, as it turns out a bit necessary in order to diversify and refresh the design of the kitchen. A wonderful solution with the coloring of wooden utensils and the painting of an old tray. Also interested in the idea of ​​brewers and teapots instead of pots for flowers!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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