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A modern look at the stone in the interior of the kitchen

Stone in the interior of the kitchen emphasizes the beautiful illumination of the island The stone in the interior of the kitchen is one of the trends of this year. Reconstruction with the subsequent transformation of industrial and storage facilities into residential objects is becoming an increasingly frequent phenomenon. Therefore, stone walls, which until recently […]

25 fashionable interiors: charming sliding doors for pantry in the kitchen

A pantry with a barn door means plenty of room for storing porcelain dishes Doors for storerooms in the kitchen – everyday or creative? Used to save space, and sometimes as an aesthetic detail, this interior element has become particularly popular in recent seasons. Ambarnaya sliding door brings freshness to modern interiors. Undeniably, it fascinates […]

25 examples of kitchen interiors in Scandinavian style

This direction in design is quite universal. It is suitable for any size room. Its distinctive features are laconic forms and clean lines. In priority, light, almost white, tone. They give a feeling of freshness, lightness and spaciousness. The work area is necessarily covered with panels, behind which all home appliances are hidden from view. […]

20 most popular kitchen interiors, received the greatest number of likes!

Colorful and muted, historical and modern kitchen interior options – this review includes wonderful samples, each of which has its own unique style and color, and is made using available materials. Evaluating the combination of inspiration and practicality, we chose the most beautiful design kitchen designs that have become hits among readers. 1. A water […]

20 fashionable stools for kitchen interiors – expert look from above

Repair of your kitchen is coming to an end, finishing works are completed, and the matter is left behind the furniture. Bought cabinets, equipment, household appliances and a chic island took its place, but something is missing! Perhaps you forgot about the stools? Today's furniture market offers many options – from wood, metal, plastic and […]

15 gorgeous ideas using concrete in the interior of the kitchen

Concrete in the interior of the kitchen is a good idea for creating a modern style. Look at these 15 ideas from inspired people. In this Brazilian kitchen from Yatzer storage shelves are made of concrete, and enough space for plants is allocated. The structures of concrete and wood nicely complement each other in the […]