Kitchen interior design in classical style for a private house


Simple interior design of the kitchen in a classic style

The interior design of the kitchen in a classical style is suitable for a room of any size. Due to the simplicity of the used parts, the usual geometric shapes and discreet color solutions, such kitchens radiate warmth and comfort, and also have sufficient dimensions for the design of the functional work area.

This approach involves the use of traditional materials in the finish. As a floor covering, you can choose a parquet board covered with a colorless or bright lacquer.

One of the popular recommendations is the use of bricks for the lining of some or all of the walls. It should be well-processed and combined in color with the base palette. It is the combination of simple elements that guarantees the classic cuisine a luxurious look.

Popular color solution

Using the usual light colors will help not only to create a complete picture, but also make the room more fresh and visually spacious. Therefore pay attention to white furniture with relief facades and handles of contrasting hue. She will support the overall plan.

If we talk about furniture, then preference is given here to the furnishings with strict outlines. You are unlikely to find in this room open shelves or cabinets with transparent facades. Alternatives to the latter can be doors with frosted glass, which perfectly matches with the laconic carving.

White furniture is decorated with black marble countertops, which, despite their contrasting color, fit well into the image. Black is also considered a natural shade, therefore in classical interiors it is simply irreplaceable.

To create more storage space for food and utensils, an island is set up in the center of the room with enclosed cabinets and drawers. Performed in a unified style, they help to conveniently place everything in the kitchen that owners need in everyday life.

Shelves for storing dishes and food

Classics will never go out of fashion. This is a practical style, which first of all should provide comfort in using the room. And restrained color solutions make it possible to create a space in which every person will feel at home.

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