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Pastel colors bear peace and tranquility, making the atmosphere of the room cozy and comfortable. And if this is what you want to see your kitchen, then the beige color is just what you need. This design of the kitchen is a classic, in which there is modesty, restraint, harmony and elegance. And if you put a little imagination and competently add to this shade of a suitable companion, you will get a very original and fashionable design. The main thing at the same time is to leave the dominant beige color, so as not to lose the nobility, which he, being the main one, brings into the room. So, with what to begin, what shade of beige to choose, with what to combine and how to reach harmonious connection of colors?

Beige beige strife

To begin with, you should determine the shade of this noble color, which will prevail in the room, and there is something to think about. The scale is so great that sometimes it can be difficult to decide. Beige color can be grayish, greenish, brownish, mauve, wheat or caramel-yellow, with shades of peach or milk chocolate. There is something to think about and choose from. How not to get confused and stop at one shade?

Perhaps, it follows from what color will be used as a companion, the color of which can be as soft and muffled, and brightly saturated.

  1. Blue, violet and lilac colors will perfectly match with the greenish shade of beige.
  2. Coral, chocolate, light brown and dark turquoise will ideally be combined with wheat, yellow and orange shades of beige.
  3. Greenish blue, light purple, yellow and black blend harmoniously with peach shades of beige.
  4. Red, crimson, orange, bright pink, emerald, royal blue, silver and gold are best combined with neutral grayish tones and lilac shades of beige.

It is also worth noting that the greyish, green and purple tones of beige will make the room cool, but caramel, wheat and peach beige will fill the room with warmth and soft light.

Beige color and style of interior

The kitchen in beige tones is an ideal choice for both classic design and hi-tech style, whether it's aristocratic pieces of furniture with forged elements, as in aristocratic French style, or ideally glossy surfaces of kitchen cabinets in which, as in a mirror, you see its reflection. This color solution is ideal for country style, where the naturalness of materials and their colors is welcomed.

Some interesting ideas for decorating the kitchen

The theory is theory, but in practice everything goes much more complicated. And as soon as it comes to finishing, a lot of questions arise that, like a person, turn into a choice of furniture, lamps and various accessories. And sometimes it seems that without design assistance here can not do, but if everything is carefully thought out, before you start repair work, it is really possible to cope with the task independently. And to make it easier, here are some practical tips on how to equip the kitchen and harmoniously distribute colors and shades in it:

For example, country style country style using textiles with a floral pattern, which combines jeans and blue with a neutral grayish-beige hue and white. Having a general picture it is difficult to say what exactly sets the tone, and what is just a border between, it would seem so different colors. But the result is truly impressive.

The plastered and painted white ceiling with dot lighting along the work area is a very popular design move for the kitchen that fits into any interior. The working wall, lined with small tiles and a kitchen set, including a frame of chairs and tables, white, as if complementing each other elements of the decor. The tops of the working and dining areas in the color of dark chocolate will very original dilute the enveloping space, creating contrasting elements in it. The floor and table top of the so-called island or in other words a mobile table with drawers and shelves for small items are made in the color of a beech tree, perfectly combined with each other and bring notes of sunlight into the cold atmospheres of the room. Painted or pasted with textured wall paper walls in neutral, but at the same time, saturated beige color perfectly blend with the curtains on the windows and the upholstery of the outer back of the chairs. Lamps above the working surface of the island and above the dining table are completely different in shape, but look quite harmonious because of the color solution. In the same jeans-blue color, the seats of the chairs are also made. All these little things and the use of colors are so intertwined that each single element seems to be an integral part of the interior. And it is precisely this kind of harmony that must be achieved when creating a kitchen design. Also it should be noted that in any design decorative elements are important. In this case, it's snow-white flowerpots and lamps, which fit perfectly into the overall picture, perfectly completing the entire ensemble of kitchen decoration.

For example, it can be a light floor for parquet, walls painted in a dark beige tone, in the color of which a countertop made of natural stone with gray and wheat-yellow divorces is selected. In such an atmosphere, a light beige kitchen set with aluminum handles and a technique in metallic color will harmoniously blend in.

A remarkable solution can be the design of the kitchen with bright contrasts. It will be interesting to look a combination of cold gray-beige with white and bright orange flowers. It is not necessary to select furniture in one color solution. In a large room, you can delimit the space of the kitchen by making a working area for a tree with a white table top, and along the second wall, install a cabinet with a white glossy surface.

In this case, the floor covering and the finish of the working wall can be designed in the color of the working area, and the ceiling is painted white and has a spotlight on it. In such a design, the snow-white cast chairs on the thin chrome legs will harmoniously blend in, and the island with the orange walls and the facades of the boxes, covered with a white countertop, will become a contrasting highlight. To ensure that it does not look superfluous, its presence needs to be supported by several decorative elements in the decoration of the wall of the working area or with simple accessories.

Whatever the design of the kitchen, in light or dark beige tones, with or without contrasts, the main thing is that all the details are well thought out and selected according to style, color and own taste. Only in this case, being in the kitchen will be a real pleasure.

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