Kitchen in the spring palette – an individual design approach in the organization of space


Today you will find another interesting acquaintance with the renovated interior of the small kitchen and its owners. Shortly after David Behrends and Alejandra Holvey purchased their modern home in 2010, the notorious hurricane Irene brutally beat him, piercing one of the walls with a stream of water.

The spouses decided to turn the trouble in favor of and rebuild the kitchen, completely not suiting them both. They always wanted their kitchen to be more light, comfortable to move around it and, of course, roomy. Together with designer Gianna Santoro from Deane | Rooms Everlasting they developed a project that is characterized by the richness of colors and the thoughtful planning.

Initial data

Owners: David Behrends, Alejandra Holvey and their little daughter Emma

The smooth facades of the cupboards occupying a significant part of the kitchen space were made of cherry wood and had a completely neutral color. In the middle was a table, the size of which Santoro compared with a postage stamp, and a sofa that blocked the passage to the work area. This layout did not correspond to the dynamic style of the owner. In addition, it was necessary to organize the interior of the kitchen so that it became the real center of the house, interacting all the functional areas among themselves.

After getting rid of the bored sofa, there was room for movement and an excellent place to install a magnificent kitchen island with a good top and a glossy base of the color of a green apple. This palette fills the inner surfaces of the wall racks, shaded with lighter objects, so that the abundance of one shade does not seem excessive. Green color is able to evoke a sense of happiness, and it just perfectly balances the laconic interior of this kitchen.

The island is equipped with a convenient sink, dishwasher, waste recycling and a lot of capacious boxes for glass containers, ice cream and bottled water. This zone is designed exclusively for work and cooking, so chairs are not provided for it.

The glass door of the roomy refrigerator allows you to freely contemplate its contents. This is an additional reason to maintain cleanliness and order on its shelves. On the right is a separate freezer.

Three storage compartments for kitchen appliances with lift doors are located so that you can at any time take advantage of everything necessary, without cluttering the working surface of the island. A small stepladder on wheels is hidden behind an invisible panel, which opens with an easy push, it helps to get objects that are high on the shelves and in the cabinets.

As already mentioned, the inner surface of these shelves is painted in the same glossy shade of a green apple as the base of the desktop. This combination enhances the feeling of unity of design and focuses on the original wall decoration. And by the way, it's incredibly easy to take care of melamine coating.

A separate hygienic zone is designed for preparing raw food for the family's favorites – two dogs and two cats. There is also a dishwasher, disguised as a false panel in the form of boxes. In the lockers you can store food and accessories for animals. The apron, decorated with a muddy mirror, is perfectly clean and delicately reflects the light.

The spouses wanted to complement the combination of the cooking surface and oven with a stationary steamer, in which they so love to cook diet fish and risotto. Long narrow drawers under the oven are meant for storing baking trays and baking dishes, while more spacious ones on the left are great for putting all pots, pans and containers in them. In the cupboards above, tea and coffee accessories are conveniently placed, and a high pencil on the right serves to accommodate a variety of spices.

The most remarkable thing about this kitchen is that it satisfied all the needs of its owners. It has become an ideal place for work and joint entertainment.

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