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Kitchen furniture is selected in accordance with the general style of interior design. As it is impossible to imagine a lock without a key, it is difficult to assume that the table can do without chairs. They, like a close family, always and everywhere together.

But even siblings can not be very much alike! In confirmation we have selected for you a combination of amazing tables and chairs. And how does your fantasy work?


So, look at the picture from left to right and see the chair DS-718. Its base is steel, and the finish is made of light natural leather. This idea became the embodiment of the fantasy of the designer Claudio Bellini (Claudio Bellini).

But the beautiful Drop table, made of natural wood, varnished. His creator is Ferruccio Laviani (Ferruccio Laviani). The Venus plastic armchair with decorative leather and steel elements was created by the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders.

Next is another amazing Papilio chair made by Naoto Fukasawa (Naoto Fukasawa) made of steel and fabric.

Looking at such a combination of different materials, styles and designs, you understand – the impossible is possible! This quartet will revive your office and make the work in it comfortable and easy.

Minimum plus color

The next representative of the furniture family is the Overdyed chair, made of light metal. This is the embodiment of the idea of ​​Diesel, Moroso. His steel partner Synapsis table is varnished. All this was invented by Jean-Marie Massaud (Jean-Marie Massaud), Porro.

On the right is another metal FM chair, covered with a gorgeous cloth. This is the development of designers from Formmodul, KFF.

Such a set is quite suitable for those who love everything that is not ordinary and prefers the everyday life of an unusual and quaint interior.

Art Deco: Option I

We go further: Artu chairs from Mascheroni are made of natural oak and upholstered in glossy leather. And the next exhibit – the Astro table – is the embodiment of the idea of ​​Stefano Cavazzana (Stefano Cavazzana) from Calligaris. The design perfectly combines walnut and glass.

In this trio, a round glass table top looks great with chairs. Strong wooden supports make the table sufficiently stable.

Art Deco: another suggestion

Looking at this photo, let's go clockwise. Our first glance will be a metal table Bernini from the collection Living, covered with beautiful skin. Developed by Fendi Casa.

Next comes the equally beautiful Quentin soft armchair from Promemoria, made of light metal and covered with fabric.

Another representative of the noble class of armchairs – Spiga – is made of natural wood. The upholstery of this chair is leather. The authorship belongs to Sigla, Mobilidea.

A small wooden chair from Studio H with leather upholstery is great for this set. It is not superfluous to add that the wood used for its production is a natural nut.

Such ensemble perfectly fits into the interior design of the modern living room. Your guests will feel exceptionally comfortable.

Modern: version of 1

Let's turn our attention to the development of artists Philippe Starck (Philippe Starck) and Eugeni Quitlet (Eugeni Quitllet) from Driade. They present us with a light and stylish plastic chair Ring. Next comes the work of Ferruccio Laviani – a wonderful round wooden table Dogon.

No less famous Jasper Morrison (Jasper Morrison), Magis, offers us a cozy chair Trattoria. To create it, the author used natural wood and plastic. But the designer Delo-Lindo (Delo-Lindo) from Ligne Roset presents this piece of interior made of steel with soft fabric upholstery.

The round table is able to unite all members of the family at dinner. Both adults and children will find a comfortable place for themselves. Thanks to the unusual design, this set is perfect for any room.

Modern: version of 2

It is impossible not to admire the wonderful creation of William Sawaya (William Sawaya), Sawaya & Moroni. Is not it, the metal chair Bunny Girl with a varnished surface looks unusual and stylish? Another interesting specimen is the wooden Table Big Table by Alain Gilles (Alain Gilles), Bonaldo.

The next item is a light Scip chair, created by artists Franco Bertoli and Max Pajetta, Calligaris. They came up with it specially for summer residents. It has an aluminum frame and folds easily.

His brother, the glass chair Merci Bob, appeared thanks to the fiction of Elena Cutolo (Elena Cutolo), Glas Italia. Attention! It will be almost invisible, since it is made of light clear glass.

Due to its small size and soft color, this set is perfect even for a small room.


Now our eyes are presented with a wooden, lacquered, and even gilded Oak chair (a duplicate of the 1770 year old from Sweden), which is complemented by chic silk upholstery.

Do not remain without attention and his steel partner – the table Extra Chandelier, richly decorated with gilding. A closes this luxurious trinity wooden chair Silvano Grifoni with soft fabric upholstery.

This is a great option for an ultramodern living room. Your guests will just be delighted.

Art Deco and Art Nouveau

We look from left to right and contemplate the Riga table from natural wood from Porada, as well as the chair from bent wood from Thonet (the model is elegantly and simply called "№NNUMX") and its "partner" is the nut stool Cappl from KFF.

Such an unusual form of the table will entice all attention, so uncomplicated chairs on its background will be quite appropriate.

Eclecticism: Variant I

If you look at the photo clockwise, then in the foreground we will see a beautiful birch chair Dialma Brown with white smooth coating. Armani Casa offers us another option – a wooden chair Butler, finished with soft material.

Chelini gives us the opportunity to plunge into the past and presents a wooden table in the style of Louis 14. Luxurious lacquer coating and silver spraying add to it solemnity and importance.

This set is completed with a wooden armchair with armrests Clodia from the collection Living from Fendi Casa. Gilded foil in the decoration gives it a festive look.

The table from this set brings you back to the distant past – you can quite feel like a queen behind him! And on soft chairs you can comfortably stay at least the whole day.

Eclectic: 2 variant

The oak chair with natural linen upholstery – the creation of Dialma Brown – completes our exposition. The second representative of this collection is a chair, which is part of the Dalmare Home collection. It is made of metal and polycarbonate, and it was created by William Sawaya of Sawaya & Moroni.

Designer Jean-Marie Massaud of B & B Italia presents to us the Seven table, made of wood and MDF. And, finally, another masterpiece – a light walnut chair with leather upholstery, created by Chelini.

Very unusual design, is not it?

We hope that everyone will be able to find here an interesting and convenient variant of combining different chairs and a table.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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