Kitchen furniture made of wood for the most urban interiors


The British carpenter Sebastian Cox has developed a line of kitchen furniture for the production company DeVol. Unprocessed wooden surfaces and unique panels of interwoven beech fibers ensure the exclusivity of this collection.

All the furniture from Sebastian Cox is made from ecologically clean wood, grown in the UK. For the production of working surfaces, an oak array is used, and doors, facades and drawer panels are made of raw ash and beech.

The founder of DeVol, Paul O'Leary, characterizes the style of the collection as urban and rural at the same time. In his opinion, every kitchen from Sebastian Cox brings a piece of forest nature to the insane life of megacities.

Panels made from woven wood fibers are Cox's favorite elements. In the case of kitchens for DeVol, the designer had to compromise and reduce their use for practical reasons.

The management of the company felt that their customers are not yet ready for such original ideas, and the collection, fully decorated in this way, will not be in demand.

Drawers and a compartment under the sink are opened with round holes with a copper edging. On the doors of the cupboards there are small handles and wood that is suitable for style.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the working surfaces of the solid oak have a rich texture, and the collection's special charm is given by subtle details: virtuously executed dovetail-type connections and smooth edges of functional grooves.

Some of the furniture frames are made of birch plywood. The doors and facades of drawers are available in both natural and blue-black versions.

Sebastian Cox is one of the UK's leading young designers who have joined the popular handicraft movement. They work exclusively with traditional materials and technologies, promoting a careful attitude to natural resources.

The high skill invested in every item of the kitchen collection for DeVol, allows them to be not only aesthetic, but also truly exclusive and environmentally friendly.

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