Kitchen furniture in stainless steel – a budget option for rapid renovation of the interior


Have you moved and the new interior does not suit you at all? Is the existing flooring not compatible with your furniture? It's okay: there are several methods that will help to cope with this problem and transform the appearance of space with a minimum of costs and efforts on your part.

Liquid paint Thomas'

One of the most popular means for the instant creation of stainless steel imitation is liquid paint, developed to this day by the American company Giani under the trademark Thomas'. Its name is Liquid Stainless Steel, which literally can be translated as "liquid stainless steel". Look what has become of the usual table top. Simply delightful! You can apply the paint either with a foam brush or with a roller.

Liquid paint Thomas'

The liquid paint from Thomas' can be used not only to impart an unusual kind of furniture. With its help, old household appliances will turn into a masterpiece of high-tech design. You will be surprised if you find out how many things can be restored using this unique tool – from refrigerators and washing machines to ordinary lamps.

One more note about liquid paint Liquid Stainless Steel: it is a completely polymer product used in the automotive industry. It was thanks to him that this refrigerator acquired a new look and a second life.

As an example, we suggest looking at another result of using this paint. At this time, the dishwasher was subjected to a transformation. The agent should be applied in several layers, while it is desirable that the surface to be treated does not have seams and joints.

Aerosol made of stainless steel

Speaking about the means, intended for creation of imitation of stainless steel, it is necessary to mention a special aerosol. Yes, there is such a product, and it is very easy to use. Is it possible, by applying it, to achieve the effect of a metal surface? Judge for yourself.

Interior Details: Kitchen Table

Before you start using this aerosol, you need to take into account several observations. Doing a stain in the room will make it difficult, if not impossible, to get a smooth surface. It is necessary to take the object to be processed on the street so that the air movement promotes uniform drying, and fine aerosol particles do not fall on the walls and furniture.

Remains of aerosol can be used for painting small objects of decor. In the photo below, there are stunning vases that once were golden, and now have acquired a completely unexpected shade.

Alternative to paint

Another important detail concerning the paint is Thomas'. Perhaps, someone will be interested in its interaction with such finishing material as self-adhesive vinyl film. Those who for one reason or another do not have the opportunity to make a full-scale repair, should be interested in this idea. It is, as you understand, about the coloring of the film with liquid paint.

Applying this method, you can not worry about the fact that the surface in the final version will not be smooth. The technology is very simple, no re-application is required, and the paint itself is not a source of harmful vapors, unlike many others.

If you rent a house or simply do not want to change anything radically without professional help, the above described way of decorating kitchen surfaces suits you best.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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