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Ideas of kitchen equipment from leading experts can help in the search for solutions for the re-design of the interior. With one of them, effective and versatile, able to save you from worrying about the originality of the design of the most popular room in your home, we will introduce our readers right now.

Use the advice of professionals, and your kitchen will appear before you as an example of retro style and a unique aesthetics that will be remembered for a long time by your guests, and even those who are lucky enough to visit your house only once.

Vintage or retro – what's the difference? Vintage called the original technique, released in the 40-60-s of the last century and the remaining workable in our days. Various traces in the form of scratches and scratches, which appeared on the surface of devices over a long period of their service, only strengthen the expressiveness of design, giving it a special charm and emotional content.

Techniques in retro style are devices that are produced in our time, but their performance partially or completely duplicates the appearance of the original vintage samples. Regardless of the kind of selected household equipment (retro or vintage), its use will only positively affect the interior characteristics such as style and thematic correspondence.

A clear example, shown in the photo below, confirms that only a few instruments in nostalgic performance can set the tone for the entire interior, determine its character and become focal elements of space.

If you decide to create such an image from scratch, then this kind of technical equipment can play the role of a foundation on which in the future you will intuitively and without much effort build a complete picture reflecting your impeccable taste.

Various vintage copies made in due time by one company, will help to create the complete image, visual characteristics of which will not leave indifferent any person. A good example of this is an interesting composition, which includes a refrigerator and a stove from the factory Elmira Stoveworks, released in the 50-ies.

The similarity of the forms and the uniform color scheme allow the kitchen to look fresh and natural, and to us – to feel its vintage charm.

Choosing the right option, you should not rely solely on the appearance of the product, declaring its belonging to retrostyle. Knowledge of various brands and brands, the prestige of which affects the product class, will help make the right choice and make the interior more status. Household appliances for the kitchen from companies such as Wedgewood, Hotpoint, Chambers and Frigidaire, is a classic and an indicator of good taste.

What about the cost of similar products? I would like to note that some samples of vintage equipment initially have a high price, and the process of their recovery, if it is necessary, unfortunately, only contributes to its increase. The final amount may not be sustainable for some people. But do not despair, thinking that retro style you can not afford, and refuse it in favor of the type design for which you are using the most modern examples of kitchen equipment.

Extremely high price is relevant only for models famous in certain circles of brands, representing the collection value. Any stove or fridge found in the attic or pantry of your grandmother can take the lead in creating a unique design, filled with the spirit and mood of a long time gone. You just have to work on their appearance a little.

It is not necessary to insist on keeping absolutely all original parts and bringing them into working order. Authentic forms are sometimes enough to make the subject a powerful carrier of vintage aesthetics.

Some companies specialize in the production of retro technology, so in the range of their products there must be a model that will fully meet your requirements and taste preferences. Not only the technical products themselves, but the brightest elements of the decor will be available to you, if you make a choice in favor of such manufacturers.

Any vintage refrigerator in itself has sufficient expressiveness, which affects the perception of surrounding objects, which are examples of a more modern design. Such a product can fill the atmosphere of your kitchen with nostalgic charm and become that element that determines the character of the whole interior.

If you have enough money that you do not mind spending to achieve your goal, first of all pay attention to the magnificent retro refrigerators from the famous company Smeg. The acquisition of one of these masterpieces will cost you about 2 000 $. Despite the rather high cost of such a product, you are unlikely to regret buying it, as it guarantees full satisfaction from the result obtained.

The retro plate is another tool for creating a popular nostalgic image that has the ability to positively influence our mood.

In a rapidly changing world, it is very important for many of us to feel connected with the recent or distant past. The interior in retro style can give you this feeling, so decide on the transformation of your kitchen without hesitation!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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